blood glucose log; a necessary tool for effective diabetes control

It is very important to plan and regularly check your blood sugar levels. This is called as self-monitoring or home monitoring. One of the most effective methods of managing diabetes is to keep a daily “diary” of blood sugar levels, food intake, insulin or medications, exercise, etc. In other words it helps to write your results in a chart or log. As much as testing your blood sugar is necessary, keeping detailed blood glucose log containing details about blood sugar levels and other pertinent information would help you understand trends that may be occurring. You can analyze the trends with the help of your healthcare provider so that you can take necessary measures to stop anything adverse and continue with things that are helping.

What to include in blood glucose log?

When you are taking medication and planning foods that should be taken. It helps if you note down details such as, date and time, blood glucose level, food type, food content (e.g. carbohydrate and protein content), food quantity, frequency, dosage of insulin or other medications for diabetes and other ailments, exercise, type and duration. You may also record illness, number of times you were stressed like in an argument, and even notations of odd symptoms that can be warning signals of highs and lows.

Benefits of keeping blood glucose log

When you record the minute details like these in a log you have them ready at hand for analysis and reference. You can even analyze for yourself the effectiveness of medication; meal plans if you are not taking any medication or insulin, specific exercise routines etc. You would be able to find what food specially affects your post meal results. If you are suffering from any other ailment like asthma, flu, or cold and are taking medication for them then the drugs may affect your blood sugar levels to some extent. Those can be identified so that you discuss it with your doctor and suitable changes can be made. Other things that can be derived are the basal insulin rates, carbohydrates to insulin ratios etc. You would be able to correlate or understand some new symptoms that could be associated with a rise or lowering of the blood glucose levels. Even the effect of stress or weather may be seen such as increased insulin sensitivity due to warm weather. You and your doctor can assess your progress and choose tools that are beneficial for you in better controlling your diabetes. The same goes for exercises, effect of insulin during certain physical activity etc. When your log shows that you are on the right track, you would be motivated to take more efforts to improve your health condition. However, if the trend shows that you are not controlling your diabetes properly, the doctors may advice you on the necessary medication and food and even increase the glucose level checks during certain periods.

How can you maintain your blood glucose log?
There are several inexpensive and uncomplicated diabetes logs, spiral notebooks and planners available as well. You even get computer programs or specially designed spreadsheets to maintain diabetes details. These notebooks and programs are available as simple or more comprehensive depending on how you want to maintain the details. It is equally simple to use Microsoft Excel or similar free online programs to create your own log on the computer. This can be shared with the healthcare provider, printed etc for analysis and further care.

Blood glucose log is extremely useful in ensuring better control of your diabetes. The numbers show you what needs to be done and you can take steps to achieve the set targets for a better health.

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