benefits of low blood sugar and protein diet for weight loss

When sugar level in blood is elevated it is called high blood sugar the excess sugar also spills in the urine and converts the urine sugary. Your body does regulate blood sugar but you can also help your body in doing so. The level of your blood sugar is dependent on the foods you eat; some foods assist in lowering the levels while others enter the bloodstream faster thus raising sugar levels instantly.

Exercise is one of the ways to control blood sugar levels. If an exercise regime is followed on regular basis it can be an alternative to medicines to regulate your blood sugar. Exercises will not only help in regulating blood sugar but will also help you in losing weight. An ideal weight reduces the incidence of diabetes significantly.

For achieving weight loss and weight control; high protein diets are now emerging as the latest in thing. There is considerable research which suggests that proteins are better able to satisfy hunger than either carbohydrates or fats. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported that weight loss, greater satisfaction and less hunger were achieved when subjects were put on a diet of 20% fat, 50% carbohydrate and 30% proteins. Another study also pointed out that high protein diets significantly reduce weight and improve blood lipid levels. Thus twin benefits, weight loss and low blood sugar, were achieved with high protein diets.

Researchers also suggest that people can better control their appetite and calorie intake by the consumption of high-protein diets. Diets with high protein and moderate carbohydrate content do not cause hunger pangs in dieters. A lifestyle that includes such diets along with regular exercise is recommended. Apart from maintaining lean tissue, regular exercise reduces the blood lipid level as fat is burnt for fuel. Another easy way of loosing weight is to eat a nutritionally low-calorie balanced diet and increase physical activity. There are many weight loss programs that are being advertised in various forms of media, however, a simple and safe method is to burn more calories than you consume.

For preventing weight gain the following tips will prove helpful:

* Foods that are high in sugar and fat are to be avoided.
* Alcohol consumption to be reduced.
* Avoid frustration, stress and boredom.
* Medical treatment should be sought if depressed.
* Aerobic exercise to be performed for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.
* Walk instead of driving to increase physical activity.
* Climb stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator.
* Get started with an exercise regime after consulting your health care provider.

To avail the real benefits of low blood sugar and a protein diet for weight loss eat the right foods and exercise regularly. Eating four to five small meals a day is preferable over three large meals. Also avoid drinking soft drinks.

Good Luck.

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