bayer blood glucose meter – easy, simple, reliable and accurate

Blood glucose meters are an integral part of the diabetes management program. There are several types of high quality blood glucose monitors available that are a must have in your home monitoring kits. There are several manufacturers like Bayer, Abbott, Accu-Chek, Lifescan etc who have developed different types of blood glucose meters that can provide you with accurate and reliable measurements of blood glucose levels. Bayer Health care is renowned for the high quality and reliable glucose meters they manufacture and provide throughout the world. Bayer blood glucose meters are widely used and people are happy with the range they provide that suits the needs of almost everyone.

Bayer HealthCare

Bayer Health Care is a world leader in the fast growing self testing market. It has developed and set high standards in diabetes management with its innovative glucose monitoring systems. It was in 1969 that Bayer introduced the Ames Reflectance Meter, the first portable blood glucose meter through their Ames division. In 1985 Bayer developed the Glucometer II which was the first glucose meter that had provision to store results. In 1986 Bayer introduced the Glucometer M, which was the first meter with even markers and a computer interface. In 1987 Bayer introduced PC software called as Glucofacts which can be used for analysis of data from the Glucometer M. In 1992 Bayer introduced Glucometer Elite which was the first capillary gap or sip-in technology, low volume of 3 microliter, glucose monitoring system. Bayer was the first to commercialize rapid Point of Care system for the measurement of HbA1C. In 1997 Bayer also developed the first lancing device, Ascesia Microlet Vaculance to enhance blood collection from sites other than the fingertips.

Bayer blood glucose meters

CONTOUR Meter: This is an extremely popular, easy to use and accurate blood glucose meter. Get the blood sample on the test strip and insert the strip. The No Coding technology that they use eliminated the probability of miscoding. The test time is just 5 seconds and needs a very tiny sample of 0.6µL. moreover you can download the results to the Bayer’s Diabetes management software. This is all for Level 1 meters. For the level 2 meter the testing is as easy but there are some advanced and customizable features like pre and post meal markers, selectable post meal reminder, Personal HI and LO settings and option to get 7, 14 and 30 day averages.

CONTOUR TS Meter: The CONTOUR TS Meter is simple to use with easy to see orange test strip port. The test time is 8 seconds with a tiny sample size of 0.6µL. The hemtocrit range is 0 to 70% and there is no maltose interference. Most important is that it offers alternative site testing option which makes it really useful. It has a 250 test memory with results downloadable to their diabetes management software.

BREEZE 2 Meter: Bayer has developed this innovative meter that comes with a unique, easy to load 10-strip disc. The advantage is you need to reload only after every 10 tests. There is no need to handle individual strips. The accuracy is equally good and the result given in just 5 seconds. Moreover there is a single function button which makes handling easy. It has been seen that it has significantly shortened overall test time.

CONTOUR Pro Meter: This is a state-of-the-art wireless solution for glucose monitoring. It is secure and provides the flexibility to meet the point-of-care needs. It has been developed for professional use by healthcare professionals.

CONTOUR Link Meter: This meter has made it possible to transmit results of the tests directly to Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Insulin pumps and the Guardina REAL-Time CGM system.

ELITE & ELITE XL Meters: This is a small meter which is easily portable and simple to use. It has easy no button testing with small blood sample size. The best thing is it uses the Sip-in sampling test strip technology with proven reliability and accuracy of results.

Bayer blood glucose meters are easy and simple and come with no coding technology which makes them highly reliable and accurate for use in diabetes management.

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