ascensia glucometer is available in several models

the acsensia glucometer comes in different models like the Acsensia Elite XL, Acsensia Breeze, Ascensia Contour and Acsensia ContourII. Ascensia glucometers provide an easy and convenient way for accurately monitoring blood glucose levels. Most users prefer the easy and simple methods of operation. For example, the Acsensia Breeze operates by single function buttons that protect the user from being confused while understanding how to use the glucometer properly and efficiently.

Acsensia Breeze2 glucometers use an autodisc to eliminate using individual testing strips. The autodisc contains ten test strips and can be loaded easily in the glucometer. The back cover of this acsensia glucometer opens up to allow loading the testing strip disc. Once the disc is in place inside the glucometer the back cover is closed. For exposing a test strip to accept the blood sample for a blood glucose level test a blue tab at the bottom end of the glucometer is pulled out and pushed in again. This makes a test strip jutt out from the top end of the glucometer without being touched or manually handled in any manner. Holding the glucometer in one hand the test strip can then be touched to the finger or other part of the body to accept a blood sample after which the glucometer takes just 5 seconds to display the results of the test. The test values obtained are also stored in the memory of the glucometer and can be retrieved later at any time for comparison of the blood sugar levels at different dates and times over a specific time period during diabetic treatment. There is a data port at the side of the device to which a data cable can be attached for downloading data from the glucometer onto your computer.

The Acsensia Contour glucometer is another easy to use blood monitoring device that is customizable according to the special needs of the user. The Ascensia Contour is available in two different models, Ascnesia Contour and Acsensia Contour II. Ascensia Contour is the basic model to make fast and easy testing possible by simply inserting the test strip in the glucometer on which the glucometer immediately becomes ready to accept the blood sample for testing. The smallest blood sample of 0.6 micro liter obtained by a prick from the lancet device is then applied to the test strip and the result is available in 15 seconds on the large screen in clear, easy to read text. In the advanced model Ascnesia Contour II all features of the Acsensia Contour are available together with added facility to customize test results for reflecting personal HI/LO result summary, pre and post meal markers and 7/14/30 day averages of the test results to keep track of blood glucose levels. It is available in four different colors.

Ascensia elite xl is one acsensia glucometer designed to provide quick results in a no nonsense manner. It operates without any buttons. Just inserting the testing strip in the slot makes the device ready for testing. Touching a small drop of blood to the acsensia elite xl glucometer testing strip incorporating the ‘sip in sampling’ technology gives the test result on the glucometer screen in five seconds flat.

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