advocate talking glucometer is the best choice for visually impaired diabetics.

Advocate Talking Glucometer is a real talking glucose monitoring system! The most unique feature on this device is the speaking function. The glucometer speaks to you in English or Spanish. It greets you, tells you the room temp, informs you about the code number of the test strip, tells you when to apply blood to the strip and gives you the test results; everything through an audible function. It gives freedom to visually impaired diabetics or to people conducting tests in poor lighting conditions.

This blood glucose monitor is the newest technological wonder. This ‘talking glucometer’ features a large, easy to use LCD screen. It ‘speaks’ in a female voice that guides you through the entire operating process. It only requires a small sample of blood for the test and testing is virtually pain free. Accurate results are conveyed audibly within 7 seconds.

The advocate talking glucometer provides great user comfort. It can be used for alternate site testing and allows you to draw the smallest blood sample for a test from your arms, thighs or hands, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.

The Advocate blood glucose monitoring system requires a very small blood sample; only 0.7 microliters for each test. Its inbuilt audio readout is a great help for the visually impaired or people who are very busy. The dual English/Spanish audio readout walks you through the testing process prompting you to apply the blood at the right time and give you the results audibly. The Advocate talking glucometer also audibly confirms the testing strip code every time you use a new test strip. You obtain fast results with accuracy in just 7 seconds. The glucometer has a memory and data management system that can store true values of 450 tests along with date and time. You can download test results easily on to your computer which can help you and your physician to keep track of your diabetic history and the changes in your blood sugar level during the testing periods. However, you will need to buy a data cable separately in order to connect your Advocate talking glucometer to the usb port of your computer for downloading the data stored on the glucometer.

The glucometer is also available in a starter kit that includes everything needed to begin testing. This eliminates the need to buy all the required items for the testing separately. The starter kit includes the Advocate talking glucometer, 10 testing strips, control solution, lancet device, 10 lancets and a carrying case. Other than its ability to store test data the Advocate talking calculator features include sleep mode with auto shutoff after 3 minutes of inaction. A complete set of instructions, a warranty card for a one-year warranty and 2 AAA batteries are supplied free with the glucometer. The glucometer is 3″ high x 1 3/4″ wide x 3/4″ deep in size.

When you need further supplies of strips, lancet or other consumables used with the Advocate talking glucometer you can buy them online. Test strips are available at at $19.56 per box of 50 strips.

Overall this is a wonderful device for diabetics.

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