accu check glucometers – the first choice in diabetic management testing devices

Accu Check glucometers are extremely easy to use. Every glucometer is well designed and incorporates a rubber grip, making it easy to hold. Even seniors are sure to find using the device comfortable. Extremely handy the glucometer weighs a mere 2.1 ounces together with the battery and measures 3.73” in Height x 2.03” in Width x 0.93” in Depth. The device is capable of storing test results in a 500-value memory to keep track of test data and allows you to retrieve the stored data at the touch of a finger.

The Accu Check glucometer can display 7, 14 and 30-day average values for obtaining accuracy in diabetes control measures. Free downloadable software is available on the company website which allows downloading data from the accu check glucometer onto your computer for comparison of blood test results conducted overtime. At you can also make an online log by uploading the test results to the Diabetes Assistant program.

For using the Accu Check glucometer you need just a tiny drop of blood for a sample to be drawn from the smallest prick. Just 0.6 micro liters of blood is enough for a proper test. Blood required for the test can be drawn from any place in the body such as the fingertip, the forearm, the palm, the calf, the upper arm or the thigh. To conduct a test the device sucks in the blood through its wide mouth strip. The Accu Check glucometer makes the test result available within seconds.

There is absolutely no chance of making a mistake in using the device. Even first time users do it right avoiding painful retests. The most important feature of the device is that it also eliminates the need to conduct retests due to inaccuracies as it can automatically conduct nearly 150 checks in order to spot and avoid inaccurate results.

Generally the lancet used for a prick to draw the drop of blood for the invasive test needs to be manually changed for each test. The Accu Check Multiclix lancing device uses a new lancet each time giving freedom from the need to change lancets because it uses a drum containing six preloaded lancets. This makes using the glucometer more convenient and safer to use as it eliminates the need to handle single lancets which may cause unwanted pricks and injuries due to inadvertent mistakes in handling. In the Multiclix you simply need to load a drum with 6 preloaded lancets. Accu Check Multiclix lancing device is a very safe way of drawing the blood sample for the test. The Multiclix has another novel feature, which is an alternate site cap that enables you to use it at different locations on your body for obtaining a blood sample.

The Accu Check glucometer is manufactured by Roche under the brand name Accu Check Aviva, and is an ergonomically designed, handy, user-friendly device that gives quick accurate results and trouble free blood tests for diabetic patients.

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