according to alice diet low blood sugar should be taken seriously

Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar but the problem that diabetics face and concentrate on is usually high blood sugar levels. However, according to alice diet low blood sugar should be taken seriously and the necessary treatment should be administered immediately.

Diabetics and non-diabetics often ask their queries at, which are usually related on how to control high blood sugar levels. But, according to ‘alice’ low blood sugar or hypoglycemia too is very dangerous since a person might not have much time to react to the symptoms and other people trying to administer treatment might simply inject the person with insulin, thereby compounding the problem.

While diabetics need to embark on a healthy dieting program and also need to change their lifestyle permanently, managing diabetes is managing not only high glucose levels but also ensuring that levels do not drop below safe levels. While different diets such as atkins, dash, etc propagate eating and drinking different levels of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibers for healthy living, there are others that view such diets with skepticism and base their advice on a tangent to such views. So, while some diets advise people to eat more carbs so that their hunger pangs remain suppressed, others advise going slow on carbs since they impede the body’s ability to fight diabetes on its own by quickly turning into blood sugar upon consumption, making it more dependent on insulin injections or medications.

Blood sugar levels are also dependent on a diabetic’s physical condition, diabetic status, sex, age and can drop drastically due to long periods without food or even change due to sudden physical activity. Diabetics should simply monitor their sugar levels at close intervals to keep their levels within controlled limits. For example, diabetics should not take an insulin shot and start exercising immediately since the combined effect of insulin and exercise can result in a sudden drop in sugar levels and can even result in loss of consciousness. Similarly, drinking large amounts of alcohol after an insulin shot can prove to be even more dangerous since alcohol might also hamper the administered treatment.

Diabetics might experience dizziness, weakness, trembling, palpitations, blurry vision, confusion and even aggression when blood sugar levels drop suddenly. In such cases, they should immediately be injected with the right medication instead of insulin to bring back blood sugar levels to a higher level. Diabetics should also remember to eat smaller meals at regular intervals so that their blood sugar levels remain within safe parameters. Diabetics should try out different recipes and menus along with the guidance of their dietician and stick to the carb, protein, fat and fiber ratio that suits their body the most.

Hence, diabetics should also pay close attention to low blood sugar levels and keep the required medications at hand. Continuous blood sugar monitoring along with a diet and exercise based on a fixed routine can certainly help maintain blood sugar levels. According to alice diet low blood sugar should be taken seriously and diabetics should also learn on how to avoid falling in this low-level trap.

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