the relation between atkins diet and diabetes

Diabetes forces patients to fight a continuous battle between maintaining ideal blood sugar levels along with remaining fit, fresh and healthy at the same time. Diets that are rich in carbohydrates present their own set of problems by pushing blood sugar levels out of the safe limits after each meal. Hence, the relation between atkins diet and diabetes is such that diabetics can eat tasty and healthy food and yet maintain low blood sugar levels.

Diabetes results in blood sugar levels remaining on the higher side. Over a period of time this can cause damage to nerves and also affect blood supply to vital organs such as eyes, kidneys, hands, feet, lungs, heart, etc. Hence, diabetics need to make sure that their blood sugar levels do not fluctuate or remain at high levels. To achieve this state, diabetics usually embark on diets that are low in fats and proteins but quite high in carbohydrates. The result is that since carbs get converted to sugar quite rapidly, they either need to consume smaller servings at one time or increase their levels of medications to counter their high carb intake, both of which are not practical or safe in the long run.

Luckily, diabetics have a choice of embarking on a low carb diet that can solve almost all their problems naturally. The atkins diet is a low carb diet that is quite rich in protein and fat. Its relation to diabetes is such that it provides energy, lowers fat and blood sugar levels even while satisfying the hunger within any diabetic. Its low carb content ensures that blood sugar levels do not spike up after each meal and over a period of time ensures that blood sugar levels are maintained at a constant low. The atkins diet also ensures that the body does not get enough carbs to burn and hence shifts to burning fat present in the body to provide the required energy. The high protein content in this diet also provides diabetics with increased energy levels to simultaneously embark on an exercise regimen that also helps burn fat faster and also keeps the diabetic fit.

The atkins diet does not emphasize more on lowering calories but instead restricts the types of foods that can be eaten. According to the diet, good foods include poultry, eggs, meats such as beef and pork, fish, soy, cheese among others whereas bad foods include all breads, grains, most fruits and vegetables that contain sugar and starch, and all foods made of refined flour and sugar. Diabetics can thus enjoy most of their tasty foods without worrying too much about calories. These foods also keep the diabetic’s stomach satisfied until the next meal, due to their high protein and fat content, which takes a longer time to digest. This diet is most suitable for diabetics suffering from type ii diabetes since it can help maintain continuous low levels of blood sugar levels and can even free them from the headache of consuming medications although this should only be done after consultations with their dr and nutritionist.

Hence there is a strong and beneficial relation between atkins diet and diabetes, and diabetics can benefit from all angles by embarking on this tasty diet. As with any other diet, strong will power, a vigorous exercise program and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels can result in diabetics losing weight and gaining energy while also controlling blood sugar levels at the same time.

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