start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes control

If you are diabetic and have tried various diets in the past without any success then this is the right time to shift to the atkins diet. This multi-faceted diet can help you regain control on all the aspects of diabetes at the same time. Start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes control and watch a better you emerge from the shadow of diabetes.

The atkins diet is unlike most other diets since it advocates a low carb diet that is rich in proteins and fats. It is a known fact that high carbohydrates are enemies of diabetes since they change into sugar on entering the body and raise blood sugar levels after each meal. It is for this reason that most diets that are rich in carbohydrates advise people to refrain from eating too much in a single sitting. However, eating smaller meals might not be practical for many people and might also leave diabetics in a constant state of hunger.

The atkins diet, advocated by Dr. Robert C. Atkins has a totally different approach as compared to traditional diets. The atkins diet contains of 4 stages starting with Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-maintenance and finally the Lifetime Maintenance stage. The first stage places restrictions on the foods that you can eat to induce a state of ketosis within your body. This state starts a process in which your body begins to burn the fat stored in your body since your diet does not supply the carbohydrates required to do the same. This results in rapid weight loss, which can be a boon to regaining good health. An exercise program too should be initiated to maintain fitness for a lifetime.

Depending on the stage that you are in, your breakfast and snacks would include poached eggs, bacon, egg omelet, ham, cantaloupe, cheese slices, among other foods. Your lunch and dinner could consist of grilled or roasted chicken or turkey, salads, steak, pork chops, cheese, roasted salmon, etc and you would also be allowed to consume desserts in small quantities and only in their sugar-free form. Products that contain refined sugar and flour would have to be strictly avoided as would foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates and starch. However, the above foods would surely satisfy your palate since you could prepare innumerable tasty dishes, while the fat content in such foods would keep your stomach happily satisfied until your subsequent meal. The high protein content would also be ideal in providing you with additional energy since this would help you to exercise efficiently and effortlessly. However, remember to consult your dr before you start out on the atkins diet and also get your diet set by an experienced dietician that is well conversant with the 4 stages of this diet.

Hence, you can ensure low blood sugar levels on a constant basis due to the low carb levels in the atkins diet. This will help you to reduce your medications and over time, maybe even stop them altogether. If you truly want to get fit in a safe manner then simply start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes control and additionally get a slim body for life.

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