start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes and improve your health

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with medications and a change in lifestyle. However, if you are diabetic then the atkins diet is like a one man army that can keep both diabetes and your medications at bay. The fact that you can quickly lose weight and gain extra energy can be treated as a welcome bonus. So, start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes and improve your health for the better.

A diet rich in carbohydrates could place restrictions in the form of calories that can be consumed in a single day. A high carb diet can also cause blood sugar levels to spike since carbs change into blood sugar after entering your body. This could present unwanted problems in the form of increased medication to control the spike after each meal. You might also have to reduce the size of your servings so as to split your carb intake into smaller sizes spread over the day. This might leave you feeling hungry after each small meal. The answer to your problems could lie in the atkins diet.

The atkins diet is a low carb diet that solves most of your problems through the intake of right foods itself. This diet is also high in proteins and fats. The atkins diet consists of 4 phases and you could be put on a 20gram/per day carb diet for the first two weeks. This phase will create a state of ketosis within your body, which will start burning fat instead of carbs, which anyway you would have reduced to a large extent. Hence, you might notice weight loss occurring from the first week itself. Your carb intake will slowly increase by the end of the fourth phase, which will need to be continued forever. Hence, if you are suffering from type ii diabetes and are overweight, you will start noticing a positive difference from the first week of the diet.

The high protein content in the atkins diet will provide you with extra energy that you can utilize to initiate an exercise program. This will help you to build up vital muscles and help burn fat even faster. You might be advised by your dr and dietician to start consuming supplements to fill in any missing nutrients or vitamins that could be missing from the diet. You will also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water since you might feel constipated due to the lack of adequate fiber in your new diet. Apart from that, there might not be any restrictions. You will also notice that your hunger pangs have subsided since the fat in your atkins diet will keep your stomach full until the next meal. The biggest advantage, though, is that since low carbs do not contribute to any spike in blood sugar levels, you will be able to regulate your blood sugar levels to a great extent thus decreasing or even eliminating the need for any external medications to control your diabetes. A continuous blood testing program will however be required to keep an eye on your blood glucose levels.

Hence, while most people cannot stick to a high carb diet for a long time due to the restrictions placed on the intake of claories, the atkins diet only restricts the intake of particular foods instead of concentrating only on calories. You can therefore start on the atkins diet for type 2 diabetes and improve your health for the better by losing weight, controlling blood sugar, and remaining energetic throughout your life.

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