is atkins diet safe for type 2 diabetes patients

Diabetics require a diet that not only provides them with energy to complete their daily tasks but also provides additional energy to stay committed to an exercise regimen. If they could regulate their blood sugar levels with the help of this diet then it would be even better. While there are various diets that could be followed, some people are still asking the question, is atkins diet safe for type 2 diabetes patients, and the answer is ‘indeed yes’.

Diabetics are already troubled by high levels of sugar in their blood. If their new diet too is rich in carbohydrates, then the problem is further compounded since these carbohydrates get converted into sugar and spike up blood sugar levels out of the recommended parameters. The only option that people have while following such diets is to eat in smaller servings spread over the day or use medications to balance out those spikes. Such diets are not very practical or even safe in the long run since diabetics will need to remember to consume each mini-meal at the designated time and might also have to increase their dosage to neutralize the spike in blood sugar levels after each meal. They might also be left with hunger pangs since they would need to restrict their intake of carbohydrates during each meal.

The atkins diet, on the other hand is a low carb diet. This diet allows diabetics to eat foods that contain low levels of carbohydrates and higher levels of proteins and fats. The logic behind this diet is that consuming low carb foods will not spike up blood sugar levels since there might not be sufficient carbs to raise the levels at all. This low carb diet will also kick off a process called ketosis, which essentially means that the fat dwelling in the diabetic’s body will start burning rapidly since the body will almost stop receiving carbs that are usually burnt to provide energy. Such a diet can result in immediate weight loss, which could be good news for overweight diabetics.

The high protein and fat levels in the atkins diet have their own advantage. Since proteins get converted into energy very rapidly, diabetics can march off on an exercise regimen without losing their breath. Fat, too takes a longer time to digest and this feature will keep diabetics satisfied until their next meal is due. Diabetics with a penchant for non vegetarian food will love the atkins diet since it allows them to eat poultry, eggs, beef, bacon, pork, fish, etc. Since the atkins diet can cause blood sugar levels to remain low, diabetics will need to consult their dr and set up a blood sugar monitoring program to keep track of their blood glucose levels at regular intervals. Diabetics, especially those suffering from type ii diabetes might find that they can shift to lower doses of insulin and other medication or can even become free from such medications if their blood sugar levels remain at a constant low.

Hence, diabetics need to examine the atkins diet in great detail since this diet has many advantages that can propel them to good health and lower their intake of medications. However, a consultation with their dr and dietician is a must before starting off on any diet. If the question is raised, that is atkins diet safe for type 2 diabetes patients, then the scores of people that have benefited from this diet should be enough to answer it.

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