in the atkins carb diabetes diet low carb is the key word

Diabetics that require weight reduction often have a tough time in balancing their diet, exercise and blood sugar levels. Constant fluctuations in blood sugar levels before and after each meal could prove to be harmful in the long run. High levels of carbohydrates or carbs are usually the cause of such fluctuations. However, in the atkins carb diabetes diet low carb is the key word that helps regulate blood sugar levels along with burning fat at a faster rate.

Usually, people embark on diets that contain high levels of carbohydrates along with medium to low levels of proteins and fats. While such a diet is suitable for reducing weight, it raises blood sugar levels after each meal since carbs present in such foods get converted into blood sugar rapidly, thus raising blood sugar levels above safe levels. On the other hand, diabetics might suffer from hunger pangs if they restrict the size of the servings during each meal. To burn off those excess carbohydrates, diabetics might also have to exercise more, which might not be feasible if the diabetic is obese or has physical problems in increasing their exercise levels.

In such a case, the atkins diet could prove to be a boon since the diet recommends eating extremely low carbs in the first place. This diet lays stress on consuming low levels of carbs along with medium to high levels of fats and proteins. Such foods are available in the form of chicken, turkey and other poultry, eggs, pork, beef, fishes, cheese, low-starch vegetables, etc. Diabetics will be discouraged from eating most fruits, starchy vegetables, bread, pasta and all foods that contain refined flour and sugar. The diet comprises of 4 stages and diabetics will notice dramatic changes after implementing the first stage itself.

The first stage of the atkins diet will set in motion a stage of ketosis within the diabetic’s body, which means that the diabetic’s body will start burning stored fat to produce energy. This process will start due to the low intake of carbs. Hence, diabetics will notice their fat melting away. The other three stages will attempt to balance the diet and the final stage will have to be followed throughout the diabetic’s life to preserve body weight and regulate sugar levels. Diabetics with type ii diabetes will see a drastic improvement in their blood sugar levels and might even be lucky enough to stop medications through such a diet. Diabetics will however, need to consult their doctor and dietician before and during this diet. Their dr will guide them on monitoring blood sugar levels on a continuous basis while their dietician can help them monitor their diet and exercise routines. As in any other diet, diabetics will need to stick to a strict diet and exercise regimen if they want to achieve long-term success.

The atkins diet can help diabetics lower their weight and their blood sugar levels naturally. Such a diet is however not recommended for diabetics that have heart or kidney problems. Hence, in the atkins carb diabetes diet low carb is the key word that will help diabetics eat tasty yet healthy food and still get their weight and blood sugar levels within safe limits.

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