in an atkins diabetes diet type 2 diabetes can be controlled

Diabetics, especially those afflicted with type ii diabetes can trace the cause of their condition due to a faulty lifestyle, lack of exercise, and even a faulty pancreas. This condition can be controlled with medications including insulin but a low carb diet could help them to attack the disease from two fronts. In an atkins diabetes diet type 2 diabetes can be controlled safely.

Diabetics could be told to embark on a healthy diet to lower fat levels and regain their lost fitness. However, a diet that is low in fat and protein and relatively high in carbohydrates presents a problem in itself. The high levels of carbohydrates are not good for the diabetic’s body since they transform into sugar and end up spiking blood glucose levels within a couple of hours of a diabetic having a meal. This will necessitate splitting up the carbohydrate intake into 6 to 8 smaller meals in a day, which again could not be practical for busy diabetics. Such a diet could also result in diabetics never feeling satisfied after their tiny meals.

On the other hand the diabetic could seek advice from a good dr and nutritionist and get started on the atkins diet. This diet propagates an intake that is very low in carbs and high in protein and fat. This diet is suitable for diabetics that do not suffer from kidney or heart problems. The diabetic will need to pass through 4 phases that will cause his/her body to enter into a state of ketosis due to the low level of carbohydrates entering the body. This state will increase the diabetic’s body metabolism and start burning fat from within the body. When this is coupled with adequate exercise, the diabetic will manage to burn off his/her body fat and excess water at an extremely rapid rate. Since diabetics will also be eating foods that contain high levels of protein and fat, they will not feel hungry for longer periods and will be able to comfortably await their next meal.

While the atkins diet does not place too many restrictions on calories being eaten by diabetics, since the carbohydrate intake is anyway kept at a minimum level, it does place restrictions on the variety of foods that can be consumed. Hence, diabetics will need to strictly avoid processed foods, especially those containing grains, refined flour, sugar and starch. However, they can still enjoy foods such as poultry, eggs, meats, cheese and soy since these foods are rich sources of proteins and fat. Diabetics will also be required to maintain a regular blood glucose testing program since this diet would lower their blood sugar levels and they could enter into a hypoglycemic state if they are not careful. This diet will provide them with instant energy due to the high protein content of their foods, which will help them to embark on an exercise program suited to their body, weight and physical condition.
Hence, in an atkins diabetes diet type 2 diabetes can be controlled to a large extent naturally and also help make diabetics feel energetic and fresh. This diet can be continued for their lifetime and a quick loss in their body fat will keep diabetics motivated enough to continue with the atkins diet.

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