how is the atkins diet good for diabetes type ii patients

Diabetics often try out various diets and find that some of them actually aggravate their diabetic condition instead of helping them out. One diet that diabetics should try out is the atkins diet, which is a low carb diet. Diabetics should first ask how is the atkins diet good for diabetes type ii patients before they proceed to try it out.

The key to the atkins diet is the low carbohydrate count in each of the foods that are allowed to be eaten. These foods also contain high levels of protein and fat. The protein in these foods gets converted into energy and helps diabetics to follow up on their exercise regimen. The fat present in the foods keeps the diabetic’s stomach satisfied until the next meal is due. But the key, i.e. low carb content of these foods ensures that diabetics do not experience a spike in their blood sugar levels after each meal, which is the bane of many diets that contain high levels of carbs. Carbohydrates quickly change into blood sugar upon entering the diabetic’s body and this could lead blood glucose levels out of the safe zone. Since the atkins diet has a very low carb count, diabetics can remain safe after eating their meals. Over time, this could lead to a reduction in their medication levels including insulin and if their levels fall within normal levels then their dr might even suggest stopping medications altogether.

Diabetics can enjoy eating foods such as poultry, eggs, low-starch vegetables, cheese, meats such as pork, beef, and fish while following the atkins diet. These foods can be prepared in various delicious ways as long as they are not coated in any batter containing flour and deep fried. Grilled and roasted meats are encouraged to be eaten in this diet. Diabetics should also exercise regularly to increase their body’s metabolism. Anyway, the atkins diet too will raise the diabetic’s body metabolism since it activates a state of ketosis within the diabetic’s body that starts the process of burning body fat to produce energy. This is due to the low levels of carbohydrates entering the body. This translates into faster loss of weight for diabetics.

The atkins diet also discourages diabetics from consuming sugary foods and foods made of refined flour. Most fruits and starchy vegetables too are forbidden in this diet. While the diet starts out with many restrictions in the first two weeks to initiate the process of ketosis, it relaxes those restrictions as the weeks pass by and the fourth and final stage is one where diabetics are simply advised on eating particular foods for the rest of their lives. A regular blood glucose testing routine is mandatory for this diet so that diabetics do not enter a state of hypoglycemia without their knowledge. Most diabetics experience the positive effects of this diet including weight loss and increased energy levels from the first week itself.

Hence, when the question is asked by some diabetics on how is the atkins diet good for diabetes type ii patients, the answers are visible within the first week of embarking on this diet and diabetics need to only try out this diet to enjoy the benefits.

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