for your atkins diabetes diet your dr can help you out

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, especially type ii, then a healthy diet could help you to regulate your blood sugar levels to such an extent that you could even gain independence from your medications. A low carb diet such as atkins could help you lower your blood sugar levels and help you slim down. For your atkins diabetes diet your dr can help you out along with your dietician, so enlist their help and get started.

Based on your physical condition, your doctor and dietician could chart out your atkins diet along with an exercise program and a continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels. It would be wise to maintain a chart of your blood sugar levels on a daily basis to track your progress. The atkins diet is a low carb diet. This means that you would need to eat foods that contain very low levels of carbohydrates and elevated levels of protein and fat such as select low-starch vegetables, eggs, meats such as turkey, chicken, pork, beef, cheese, etc. These foods contain low carbs and hence the problem of blood sugar levels rising out of safe limits after each meal does not arise. The high protein content in such foods will also provide you with sufficient energy to start or increase your exercise regimen.

The atkins diet thus starves your body of carbohydrates, inducing a state of ketosis, which forces the body to burn body-fat to produce energy. This diet will strip away your existing body fat and enable you to get slim at a speedier rate. Your daily exercise regimen too will help out by keeping your body’s metabolism at raised levels. Since the diet contains high protein and fat, which are slower to digest, you will also be spared of hunger pangs in between two meals. This feeling of fullness will keep you satisfied and keep your mind off your diet. Since low carbohydrate input also ensures that they do not get converted into blood sugar upon consumption, you will be able to maintain low blood sugar levels in a natural manner. Over time, your chart will indicate if you actually need to stop your medications to lower your blood sugar levels any further. While most people usually dread diets, the atkins diet could allow you to eat tasty foods that are also good in controlling blood sugar levels.

It is also very important to visit your dr at regular intervals and produce your blood sugar chart so that your medication can be altered accordingly. This diet frowns on alcohol, smoking, refined flour and sugar and so it would be best to avoid them for life. Your dr would also advise you against this diet if you already suffer from heart and kidney problems along with your diabetic condition. The diet itself contains 4 stages and the last stage will guide you on the right foods that can be enjoyed for life. You can also revert back to an earlier stage if you face any problem.

Hence, a low carb diet such as atkins can be of great help in reducing your weight, melting fat from your body and lowering your blood sugar levels, all in a natural manner. For your atkins diabetes diet your dr can help you out in helping you to safely monitor your blood sugar levels and you can tastily follow this diet for a very long time.

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