atkins diet and the type 2 diabetic can fight diabetes

People suffering from type 2 or type ii diabetes need insulin and other medications to control the surge in blood sugar levels after each meal. This is due to the high carbohydrate content present in most diets. But the atkins diet is based on the principle of low carbs and hence the atkins diet and the type 2 diabetic can fight diabetes naturally.

The atkins diet does not provide undue importance to the number of calories being consumed by diabetics. Instead, it puts curbs on the types of foods that can be eaten. Foods that have low levels of carbohydrates along with high levels of protein and fat are allowed in the atkins diet. Diabetics can relish foods such as fish, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, cheese, soy, eggs, etc while they would strictly need to stay away from all sugary foods and foods such as high starchy vegetables, fruits, breads, grains and any product containing refined flour. Carbohydrates are not good for diabetics since they have a nasty tendency of turning into sugar within a couple of hours after being consumed and hence spiking up blood sugar levels. This requires diabetics on high carb diets to chop their meals into many mini-meals spread out through the day and could also require administration of additional medication after each meal to keep blood sugar levels within safe limits.

However, the low carb content of the atkins diet ensures freedom from the above problems. Since there are hardly any carbs entering the diabetic’s body, their body in turn starts burning the fat within their body to generate energy. This is caused by a process called ketosis, which is activated due to the low carb diet. This ensures that diabetics lose weight quickly. Another advantage is that diabetics get energized quite quickly after each meal due to the high protein content of their foods. The higher amount of fats in this diet also ensures that diabetics do not feel hungry for a long time since fat takes a longer time to digest. An appropriate exercise program is mandatory for diabetics and in this case will help their body’s metabolism to quicken up the fat burning process.

Diabetics that start on the atkins diet will need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. Since there are very low levels of carbs in this diet, the question of blood sugar levels spiking does not arise and diabetics will slowly witness their blood sugar levels falling to acceptable levels. Lucky type 2 diabetics might also witness a complete reversal of their sugar levels and might even be able to discontinue their medications, after consulting their dr, of course. However, a strict monitoring of blood sugar levels will need to be continued to ensure that diabetics do not enter into a state of hypoglycemia where the blood sugar levels drop dramatically.

Hence, diabetics could have a cause to celebrate if they can beat diabetes with the help of a combination of diet and exercise. The atkins diet and the type 2 diabetic can fight diabetes together and ensure that their fat and sugar levels remain well within control for the rest of their lives.

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