atkins diet and diabetic people have the same goal

People with diabetes, especially type ii would love to be free of fat, high blood sugar and if possible, even medications. In their search for success, many diabetics fail to notice that there is a diet that could help them reach their objective rapidly. The atkins diet uses food as a weapon against all the ill-effects of diabetes while also ensuring that diabetics turn healthy at the same time. The atkins diet and diabetic people have the same goal of good health.

Diabetics are usually guided towards a low calorie diet that places restrictions on the amount of food that they can consume. This food is also rich in carbohydrates while containing low levels of fat and protein. The end result is that diabetics need to consume small portions of foods at any given time to space out their carbs, since carbs can get converted to blood sugar after entering their body and spike up blood sugar levels. The low protein and fat diet also translates into low energy food and diabetics might get quite hungry within a couple of hours of eating their low-calorie foods. The carbs in their diet also necessitate higher doses of insulin and other medications to keep their blood sugar levels within safe parameters.

Such high carb diets can make it very difficult for diabetics to continue sticking to it. A low carb diet such as atkins could offer better health and sugar control benefits as compared to many other diets. The atkins diet follows the principle of low carbs along with high levels of proteins and fats. The number of calories entering the diabetic’s body is not given too much importance due to their low carb count. Diabetics can enjoy eating eggs, turkey, chicken, beef, pork, soy, cheese and other similar foods that contain low carbs, high protein and fat. But they would need to avoid foods such as high-starch vegetables, fruits, all breads, grains, and all foods containing refined sugar and flour.

The above foods present diabetics with a wide range of dishes that can easily be prepared and eaten. The high protein content ensures high energy levels after consumption. Hence, diabetics can also kick off an energetic exercise program that can help burn off fat. The low carb content will anyway kick off a fat burning exercise within the body itself since it will activate a state of ketosis within the diabetic’s body, which will start burning fat since there will not be any incoming carbs to burn for generating energy. The combination of this diet and exercise will help diabetics lose weight very fast and the different phases of this diet will ensure that the fat does not return to haunt them again.

Diabetics will also feel full for quite some time after each meal due to the presence of high levels of protein and fat in the foods. This will subdue hunger pangs and enable diabetics to stick with this diet for life. Diabetics should consult their nutritionist and even their dr before they start following any particular diet and should also monitor their blood sugar levels at regular intervals to chart their progress.

Hence, the atkins diet can promote good health by reducing blood sugar levels, curbing hunger, raise energy levels, burn stubborn fat and could even get diabetics off their medications if followed correctly. Truly, the atkins diet and diabetic people have the same goal, which can be achieved in a natural way.

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