causes of diabetes mellitus

diabetes is nothing short of an epidemic affecting millions of people. The disease is just like a wild fire spreading rapidly across the globe especially America. Diabetes mellitus or diabetes as we call it in plain language is a life threatening disease that can cost one his/her life. This non curable disease has been affecting both old and the young causing severe discomfort. Though doctors do not give the exact causes of diabetes mellitus, the disease is known to be the outcome of environmental factors and genetics. Although diabetes is a non curable disorder, it can certainly be controlled with the help of medication and nutritional diet.

Before we know the causes of diabetes, let’s have some information regarding the disease. Diabetes mellitus is of two types, mainly type I and II. Type I diabetes is commonly found in children and young adults up to the age of 30. This is an insulin dependant disease that requires a person to rely on insulin injections for survival. Diabetes type I results due to the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas who are responsible for emitting insulin. This causes disruption in the blood sugar levels and one suffers from diabetes. In type II diabetes mellitus which is found in adults, the cells fail to response to the insulin, or the insulin is not able to absorb the sugar.

Experts blame the environment to be one of important causes of diabetes mellitus. This autoimmune disease is known to be the outburst of destroyed pancreas. The immune system that fights infections seems to destroy its own beta cells which results in diabetes. Apart from this, environmental factors, chemicals, and viral fever add to the cause of diabetes mellitus. Genetics or hereditary factors also have its role in causing diabetes.

Causes of diabetes mellitus type II is not really known. As per researchers, the body’s resistance to insulin and obesity are known to cause diabetes mellitus type II. A person suffering from high blood pressure also has a high risk of being affected with diabetes mellitus. Excess cholesterol and triglycerides, a type of fat can also cause diabetes.

The onset of diabetes especially Type I will certainly show symptoms like frequent urination, thirst, hunger, sudden weight loss, blurred vision and fatigue. Ignoring them can result in severe complications. Diabetes type II will show symptoms only when a person is affected with it. If you see any changes in your body, it is best to consult a doctor to avoid further health complications. Diabetes mellitus affects every organ in your body and thus controlling it, is the only way to lead a healthy life. With the help of experienced doctor and balanced diet along with better lifestyle, one can maintain normal blood sugar levels and lead a healthy as well as carefree life.

Remember diabetes mellitus does not consider anyone’s age or gender, it can affect anyone. Be alert and consciously take efforts to fight this life threatening disease. if you have a family history of diabetes it is advisable to follow regular check ups to trap the disease and fight it at the initial stage.

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