cause diabetes mellitus

diabetes affecting large number of people, but still I am sure there are few who would not know about this dreadful disorder. Although you may wonder what diabetes mellitus is? Let me tell you it is just a common name for both Type I and Type II diabetes. This life threatening disease is caused when the insulin fails to function well or when the cells do not respond to the insulin. Diabetes is generally the outburst of environmental factors or genetics. This non curable disease can be very well controlled with the help of right treatment and balanced diet.

Diabetes mellitus has cost several people their life and thus one must not ignore this disease. Type I diabetes mellitus is a disease that requires one to rely on insulin injections for survival. In this chronic condition the pancreas gets damaged and thus the beta cells are not able to produce insulin. Type II diabetes mellitus, which is mostly found in adults, is non insulin dependant. In this situation the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin and the blood sugar level gets disrupted. This disease also strikes pregnant women increasing the risk complications later on in life.

Both type I and Type II diabetes mellitus affect each part of your body and negligence to the same can cause severe health problems. Type I occurs among toddlers and young children while type II is more of an adult disease. The causes of diabetes mellitus are given below.

Causes of diabetes mellitus Type I

The destruction of beta cells in pancreas is one of major reasons why type I diabetes is caused. Also known as the autoimmune disease, the experts blame the body’s immune system which destroys its own beta cells. Apart from environmental factors, viral infections and chemicals, genetics also have a major role to play in causing diabetes mellitus type I.

Cause of diabetes mellitus Type II

Type II diabetes is the out come of body’s resistance to insulin or incapability to produce insulin in sufficient amount. Although the beta cells produce the insulin, the body’s cells are not able to respond well. This results in rise of sugar levles in the blood causing diabetes. Obesity is also another cause of diabetes type II. Although experts are still not able to give the exact cause for diabetes, the immune system and obesity are blamed for outburst of this dreadful disease.
Overlooking this serious chronic disease will only cause severe problems to your health. A person with diabetes is known to suffer from complete blindness, kidney failure and heart strokes. A diabetic person may also see a drastic change in his/her nails. The nail abnormality also called as terry nails is also blamed on diabetes mellitus. This disease can also result in a patient suffering from aplastic anemia. Diabetes mellitus is known to cause severe damage to every organ of our body and thus one need’s to control the disease well in time.

Genetics and environmental factors are largely blamed for the cause of diabetes mellitus. This disease can affect anyone and everyone, thus bit of awareness and a healthy lifestyle can help you fight this disease and lead better life.

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