american diabetes meal planning diabetic diet for better health

Diabetic patient should follow a well planned diabetes diet. In diabetes diet planning of the meal is mandatory. The diabetes meal plan is a plan of how much and which type of food you can eat at meals and snack times. In both Type1 and Type2 diabetes diet plays an important role. A combination of controlled diet and daily medication (insulin or pills) always give you better results in diabetes treatment. Also diet plans help you in improving your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol numbers. With the help of diet you can also keep your weight in normal range.

There are many ways which help you to plan your meal. Some of them are following the Food guide pyramid, Rating your plate, Exchange lists, and Carbohydrate counting. The one most recommended by the American Diabetes Association are Exchange lists and Carbohydrate counting. Consult your doctor or dietitian and they will suggest you a plan which is more suitable for you because good meal plan should match your eating habits and should also match your lifestyle. You can choose your favorite foods, check whether it is healthy and suitable for your treatment then fit it into your meal plan and manage your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.

More about some meal planning techniques:

Carbohydrate Counting:

In this technique by counting carbohydrates intake you can control blood glucose levels. Foods with lots of carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels. You can maintain your blood glucose level within normal range by keeping track of how much carbohydrate intake affects your blood glucose level. Depending on the findings of this study you will know the exact amount of carbohydrate you need. However, taking advice of an expert is recommended. Nowadays carbohydrate counting is easier as most food items have food labels. In this method it is also important to add protein and fat in your meal to balance it.

Create your plate:

In this technique choose the foods you want, but change the portion sizes. Select smaller portion of starchy foods and larger portion of non-starchy food in your plate. You can create healthy plate by choosing correct portions of healthier foods.

The diabetes Food Pyramid:

In this meal planning option foods can be chosen according to the food pyramid. The diabetes food pyramid divides foods into six groups. The largest group contains grains, beans, and starchy vegetables. This group is on the bottom, this means you should eat more servings of this food. The smallest group contains fats, sweets, and alcohol which is at the top of the pyramid. You should eat very few servings from this food group. The diabetes food pyramid gives a range of servings according to which you can set your meal plan.

Glycemic index and diabetes:

The glycemic index (GI) measures effect of carbohydrate on blood glucose. Foods with a high GI raise blood glucose more than foods with a low or medium GI. In your meal planning choose foods that have a low or medium GI. Dried beans, kidney beans, lentils, all non-starchy vegetables, most fruit, and grain breads are examples of foods with low GI.

You can not predict the meal plan will work for a diabetic patient. The important thing is follow a meal plan which is advised by health experts according to your lifestyle.

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