american diabetes low carb diet is helpful for weight loss and hence for diabetes.

A low carb diet means reduced carbohydrate diet. The low carb diet is basically limiting carbohydrate consumption by limiting intake of foods that are high in starch and sugars. In this diet caloric intake is restricted by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and this reduced consumption is compensated by increasing consumption of proteins and fats. This low carb diet is recommended for obesity treatment and weight loss programs.

Low carb diet includes meats, eggs, cheeses, some nuts and seeds. In this diet you can eat low carbohydrate vegetables and salads in limited quantities.
Foods which are not allowed in this diet are, sugary food, corn syrup, flour and food ingredients such as fructose, sucrose etc.

The low carb diet can help you to become and remain slim. This diet reduces glucose and thus causes rapid weight loss. However, this weight loss is due to muscle loss rather than fat loss. The loss of muscle glycogen causes fatigue and painful movements during exercise. You also feel less energetic.

In diabetes body is not able to use sugar effectively and this disturbs blood glucose level. Standard recommendation for diabetic patients is that they should include only high fiber carbohydrates in their diet. Many diabetics have found that low carbohydrate diet enables them to achieve stable blood glucose levels.

However, there are some cases where glucose level doesn’t remain stable even though the patient is taking low carb diet in such situations doctor suggest more medication rather than reducing carbohydrates.

The American Diabetes Association admits that balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is the best bet for diabetics. Low carbohydrate diets are also a bit difficult to follow. When you start to intake food which is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and fat certain health problems may crop up.

Low carb diet has proved helpful for type 2 diabetes because weight loss and reduction of blood glucose levels definitely benefits patients. In the past ADA didn’t recommend low carb diets because of safety issues related to this diet and also it was not convinced about the effectiveness of this diet. However, since 2008 ADA supports low carb diet to help people lose weight.

Recent ADA guidelines recommend that low carb dieters should monitor their blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides), kidney function and then decide their medication levels. The health care providers should be extra careful when recommending diet plans as some plans are not suitable for all patients.

Doctors have to be alert about their diabetic patient’s diet and should provide the right information. If you drop your carbohydrate intake and don’t change your medication then it is not the diets fault. If you want to follow the low carb diet you will have to regularly check its effects on your body and make necessary adjustments to your diet and medications.

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