american diabetes association diets are well balanced diets

The American Diabetes Association is an organization which is doing cutting edge research on diabetes. The mission of this organization is to prevent and cure diabetes and fight for the rights of diabetic people. To improve the lives of diabetes affected people this organization provides information and other services to diabetic people and their families.

The ADA believes that diabetic people have the same nutritional needs as normal people. ADA recommends diabetic diet which is nothing but the well-balanced meals in the correct amounts. With exercise, medications and diet you can keep your blood glucose at normal level. Healthy diet can help you lose excess weight and also reduces risk of heart diseases.

A diabetes diet is all about choosing healthy foods and including it into your meals and snacks. The diet is best designed and planned by your dietitian or doctor. Healthy food and proper amount is the base of all diabetes diets. Healthy diet improves your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. It improves your overall health and you can prevent complications such as heart disease, some forms of cancers and hypertension.

You can plan your meal in many ways using the Food guide pyramid, Rating your plate, Exchanges lists, and carbohydrate counting. The result of all these methods is same and that is a controlled healthy diet only difference is in the way you are achieving it.

Healthy foods are vegetables, whole grains, fruits, non-fat dairy products, beans, poultry and fish. However, if you are thinking that you are already eating these types of foods and your diet is healthy then you are wrong. A healthy diet is not only choosing healthy food but choosing healthy food in right portions. You have to select portion sizes of healthy food according to your nutritional need.

Everyone can follow healthy diabetes diets even if they are not diabetic. Healthy eating keeps you healthy and energetic. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your meal. Spinach, carrots, broccoli and green beans are non-starchy vegetables which are healthier than others. Instead of processed grain products choose whole grain foods. Fish is good food for diabetics, you can include fish in your meals 2-3 times a week. If you are eating chicken remove the skin from chicken. Non- fatty dairy products such as skim milk, non-fat yogurt and non-fat cheese are good for health. Fats are high in calories so always choose non-fatty food. Try to avoid high calorie snack foods and desserts like chips, cookies, cakes, and full-fat ice cream. Instead of regular soda, fruit punch, sweet tea and other sugar-sweetened drinks always prefer water and calorie-free diet drinks.

When you are eating out remember that you have to only take healthy foods due to your diabetic status. Nowadays many restaurants serve foods which are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium, and higher in fiber. You can order salads, fish (not fried fish), vegetables, baked or broiled food, and whole-grain breads.

However, ask for calorie and fat information on menu items and then select your dish accordingly. When you eat out, order only what you need and want.

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