american diabetes association diet is healthy diet which helps you to control diabetes

Healthy diet is the foundation of diabetes treatment. If you are able to manage your diet, you can easily control your diabetes. In diabetes blood glucose level is either too high or too low. Healthy diet helps you to control blood sugar levels.
The American Diabetes Association is the premier institution working on diabetes and diabetes related problems. The American Diabetes Association suggests that people with diabetes should eat healthy food to effectively deal with diabetes. But, what exactly is healthy food? Well, healthy food means eating balanced meal in correct quantity. Everyone needs nutrients and people with diabetes are no exception. They have the same nutritional needs as non diabetics.

Healthy diet include; limiting sweets, being careful about your meal-time, eating fatless food, eating whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables, and most important limiting alcohol use. The American Diabetes Association recommends the following diet for diabetic patients:
Diabetic patients should eat lots of vegetables and fruits such as berries, apples, spinach, green beans. They can also include whole grains breads and cereals like barley, oats, wheat and brown rice in their meal. Diary products like low fat milk, yogurt and cottage cheese are considered as healthy food. The American diabetes association also recommends that diabetics should include proteins such as fish, eggs, meat, nuts and dried beans without any hesitation.

The main nutrients in any diet are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. You get energy from healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, whole grain breads and whole grain cereals.

Proteins help you in your body’s growth. You can get rich proteins from low-fat dairy products, fish and chicken. A food with high fiber helps you to lower blood glucose and blood-fat levels. Dietitians recommend that 50 to 60 percent of daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 12 to 20 percent from proteins and 30 percent from fat.

The best way to control your diet is meal-planning. When you start planning your meal you should consider certain tips, which are; reduce fatty foods, keep in mind how much carbohydrate you are supposed to take, include lots of vegetables in your food, avoid alcohol which act like sugar and eat fish 2-3 times a week. Also include high fiber foods in your meals. High fiber foods like beans, peas, whole grains, bran cereals and low glycemic index fruits are healthy for diabetics.

Along with healthy food you should also know about unhealthy food. In your diet excessive fats should be avoided because fat and cholesterol in the diet can result in heart diseases. While eating fatty meats cut away skin as it contains extra fat. Instead of butter use diet margarine. Avoid whole milk. Salt can create problems for people having a high blood pressure condition. Hidden sources of salt such as salad dressing, canned soups, and cheese are best in such cases.

The American Diabetic Association diet recommends reduction or total elimination of sugar from your daily intake. So, avoid table sugar, honey, frosted cakes and foods with sugar coating. You should also be alert about your drinking habit; alcohol is harmful for diabetes and also avoid excess amount of Coke as a 12-ounce can of Coke contains nine teaspoons of sugar.

If you take care about your diet, you can easily control your diabetes. Not only diabetics but other non diabetic people should also take healthy food for the health benefits it offers.

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