sample some 2000 calorie diabetic diet sample menus to regulate your weight

Here are some samples of 2000 calorie diabetic diet menus which will help all people wanting to regulate their weight. If one has to maintain their weight then one has to be careful about their diet which should be well balanced with different variety of foods in it. Such is not the case in low calorie diets as less variety of foods is present and hence the limit on intake of foods. This is also one reason why diets should be changed now and then to incorporate a range of nutritious foods. If one gets exhausted with the same diet, few days can be kept aside for consuming some forbidden foods. If too many calories are consumed on a particular day it can be followed by only consuming a diet consisting of fruits and liquids.

Here are some samples of 2000 calorie diabetic diets:

Diet No 1:
Breakfast :
* Fat free Yoghurt small quantity – 60 calories
* 2 slices of toast with Jam – 250 calories
* Omelet – 210 calories
* Few slices of Fruit – 50 calories

Lunch :
* Salad chicken pasta with tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers – 210 calories
* Whole wheat pasta around 4 tablespoons with mayonnaise – 240 calories
* Fresh fruit juice – 90 calories

Mid Evening Snack :
* 2 slices of toast with little butter – 200 calories

Dinner :
* Salad with little dressing – 115 calories
* Chili con carne (with kidney beans, tomatoes, chilies, and lean beef)– 630 calories
* A small low fat fruit trifle – 55 calories

Diet No 2 :
* Banana sandwich with fruit sauce on bread – 350 calories

* Eggs and bacon – 310 calories
* Fruit slices or fresh fruit juice – 80 calories
* Grilled tomatoes – 45 calories
* Coffee or tea without sugar

* Prawn salad and pasta – 300 calories
* A single chocolate bar – 200 calories

Mid Evening Snack:
* 2 rice cakes with chives and low fat cottage cheese – 110 calories

* Roasted chicken wings or legs around 150gms – 240 calories
* Cabbage, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with light oil and herbs – 180 calories
* One cup of mashed potatoes – 125 calories
* Gravy – 60 calories

A single treat day diet:
* One small cereal bowl with skimmed milk – 150 calories
* Fresh orange juice – 80 calories

* Half tin baked beans on toast – 300 calories
* 2 slices of fruit (orange, kiwi or plum) – 120 calories

Mid Evening Snack:
* 2 rye crisp multi grain breads with little butter – 90 calories
* Slices of fresh fruits – 80 calories

* One beef or pork take away curry – 450 calories
* Veg. Spring rolls – 250 calories
* Fried Rice – 500 calories
When one is following the 2000 calorie diabetic diet menu to regulate weight one has to keep in mind to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. This diet should consist of all the essential nutrients required by the body to maintain a healthy weight. One should strive to remain in the said limits of their daily calorie intake. While eating a healthy meal plan keep in mind to increase intake in fruits, whole grains, vegetables and low fat and fat free milk and milk products. One has to include poultry, lean meats, beans, fish, nuts and egg. One should strictly avoid trans fat, saturated fats, salt, and added sugars. If one sticks to this 2000 calorie diabetic diet with an exercise plan too then their weight would always be maintained within the required healthy range.
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