eat your way to good health with 2000 calorie diabetic diets

If you have turned into a diabetic due to ignorance or by ignoring a healthy lifestyle then this condition offers you an opportunity to mend your ways and turn towards a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet is an important ingredient in your new lifestyle and you can still eat your way to good health with 2000 calorie diabetic diets.

You should proceed along the guidelines of the american diabetes association and get hold of a good dietician that can guide you on the specifics of your 2000 calorie diabetic diet. A good diabetic food pyramid guide, food exchange lists and carbohydrate counting guides will help you to calculate, exchange and plan your menus in such a manner that you get foods that are not only tasty but also remain within your daily calorie limits. Since such a diet would normally consist of mostly carbohydrates, you will also need to spread your intake over an entire day to limit the intake of sugar-converting-carbohydrates. Hence, around six mini-meals split into breakfast, lunch and dinner along with an equal number of snacks should see you last throughout the day without any hunger pangs or blood sugar spikes.

Your breakfast should consist of egg whites, toasted whole-wheat bread slice or slices, fruits or fruit juices, fat-free milk, cereals and tea or coffee. Your lunch and dinner should be made up of green leafy vegetables and fruits in boiled or salad form, grilled chicken or lean meats or meat substitutes such as Soya or tofu, light soups, brown rice, beans, lentils and grains, while your between-meal snacks could contain fat-free crackers, small servings of peanuts or any other nuts, cantaloupe or sugar-free granola bars. Your food exchange list will help you to replace foods that you do not like with other foods that have similar carbohydrate, fat and protein content. You can also simply download some of the sample diet menus that are offered for free over the internet and customize them to your needs.

Of course, no diet would be complete without a matching exercise regimen. Based on your physical condition, embark on a fitness regimen that can melt away those excess pounds and build up vital muscle to fight against any complication associated with diabetes. Your exercise routine will also help to increase your body’s metabolism as well as regulate your blood sugar levels to some extent. Your blood sugar levels might initially fluctuate when you start this diet but will soon settle down once you get into your daily routine of measuring and consuming calories and carbohydrates. While there is still no cure for diabetes, a healthy diet and adequate exercise will certainly help you to stay in control of this disease.

Hence, by shifting to a healthy diet, you will certainly be able to halt the progression of diabetes related complications and in fact feel fresher and healthier than ever before. An exercise program and continuous blood sugar monitoring too will go a long way in keeping you healthy. So, eat your way to good health with 2000 calorie diabetic diets and stay safe from the ravages of diabetes.

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