plan out your ideal diabetic 1500 calorie diet

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will need to keep a strict eye on those incoming calories since excess carbohydrates in all foods get converted into dangerous sugars while excess fat will cause other complications such as obesity and heart trouble. In order to remain healthy while burning off excess fat, it is vital that you plan out your ideal diabetic 1500 calorie diet.

While a traditional american 1500 calorie diabetic diet made up of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins might be insufficient if you are of a large build or if your physical activity throughout the day is substantial, this intake would be ideal if you have a slim frame or if you are seriously trying to lose weight without compromising your health. You can check on several sample 1500calorie diets available in health bookstores or even over the internet and show them to your nutritionist or dietician for approval. Since carbohydrates form a major chunk of the diet and get quickly converted into blood sugar upon consumption, it is essential that you split your total daily intake into smaller servings.

Instead of just 2 or 3 meals in a day, split your entire 1500 calories into smaller mini meals and snacks that spread out to effectively control your hunger pangs and ensure that your blood sugar levels do not spike up or fall down drastically. You can purchase a food pyramid guide and a food exchange plan, which will safely enable you to calculate the carbohydrate, fat and protein content along with the total calorie count of each food that you consume during the day. This will ensure that you stay on target. You can also enjoy some free foods that do not contain more than 20 calories or 5 grams of carbohydrates in a single serving. These foods can be eaten whenever you feel hungry although they too should not be eaten in large servings at one single time.

A 1500calorie diet along with a food exchange plan that lets you switch between identical valued foods within the same food group will enable you to choose from a varied menu. This will prevent you from getting tired of eating the same foods every day while ensuring that your nutritional needs are satisfied. An adequate exercise program based on your age and physical condition should also accompany this diet so that your excess fat is converted into precious muscle. Your insulin monitoring and delivery system might also need to be modified once you start your new regimen. Hence, you should routinely check your blood sugar levels after each meal to stay in control. Although it might take some time to get used to such a diet, once you see the benefits at a physical and mental level, you will certainly feel inclined to stick with it.

Thus, in order to remain within safe limits and to get rid of excess body fat, plan out your ideal diabetic 1500 calorie diet with the help of your dietician and combine it with proper exercise and continuous blood sugar monitoring. Your body will thank you for your efforts by becoming lighter and livelier.

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