have fun with a 1500 calorie diabetic diet exchange plan

Being diabetic will not mean that you need to eat only bland food for the rest of your life. By following the right diet with a food exchange plan, you can easily switch over to tastier foods of your choice without piling on those calories. Here is how you can have fun with a 1500 calorie diabetic diet exchange plan.

A 1500 calorie diet can be good for you if you are obese and want to lose weight or if your daily physical activity is not very heavy and you simply want to regulate your weight. However, it might not be suitable for ladies in advanced stages of pregnacy or diabetics that are extremely active throughout the day. An american 1500 calorie diet would usually be made up of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins although your dietician would probably be a better judge of the exact proportion based on your age, sex and diabetic condition. In such a diet carbohydrate counting assumes high importance since carbohydrates can quickly turn into sugar and adversely affect blood sugar levels if they are consumed in large, single servings. Hence, you should divide all your meals into mini-meals that can incorporate smaller quantities of carbohydrates at one go. A regular glucose monitoring system will also need to be in place when you start such a diet.

You will not be forced to eat only boring foods since food exchange plans will allow you to swap between different foods in the same category provided their carbohydrate, fat and protein content are the same. A diabetic food exchange plan splits all your foods into six different categories namely, vegetables, milk, fruit, meat, bread and fat. Some foods that have inconsequential calories and carbohydrates are classified as free foods and you can have them as much as you want provided that they too are spread out in smaller servings throughout the day. Hence, you can exchange between different vegetables or cereals or meats provided their carbohydrate, fat and protein content is the same. This food exchange plan will enable you to replace those foods that you detest with foods that you like. It will also enable you to vary your diet everyday to a certain extent so that it does not become boring and predictable.

A diet that allows you to exchange foods will allow you to enlarge your menu without enlarging your waist. You will still need to keep an eye on the total calorie count at the end of the day since exceeding 1500 calories will defeat the entire purpose of following a diet. Avoid fried foods, foods with preservatives or other chemicals and sugary foods or at least drastically restrict their intake to remain free of any complications related to your diabetic condition. Also remember to exercise on a daily basis and keep an eye on your blood sugar levels at all times. Another important aspect of any diet is to remain properly hydrated with drinks that are not heavy in calories or sugar. Also ensure that your foods also contain adequate fiber since insoluble fiber can safely be deducted from the carbohydrate content of many foods. Again, your dietician would be in a better position to explain the right method of calculating the net calories and other values of all food products.

Hence, you can make your 1500calorie diet much more interesting by incorporating the 1500 calorie diabetic diet exchange plan and switching to tastier foods that belong to the same category and have the same values. You will certainly be able to attain good health in a palate-pleasing way.

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