go for 1500 calorie diabetic diets

Your diabetes would have compelled you to shift to boiled and bland food, but with the right knowledge in your hands, you can easily shift to a healthy diet that is rich in taste and poor in fat and sugar. You can go in for 1500 calorie diabetic diets and take care of your health and your taste buds at the same time.

Your diabetic foods can be divided into six food groups such as bread or starch, meats or meat substitutes, vegetables, milk or milk products, fruits and to a small extent, fat. You can even initiate a food exchange plan where you can interchange tasteless foods with other foods that you like within the same food group only if they are similar in carbohydrate, proteins and fats. A normal 1500 calorie diet according to most american standards would be made up of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins. Since carbohydrates get converted to blood sugar quickly and can spike up blood glucose levels very fast, it is important that you spread out your carbohydrate intake evenly in the day and also make a habit of counting the carbohydrates of each food product before it enters your plate.

If you are obese then this 1500calorie diabetic diet will certainly help you to lose weight in a healthy manner. By eating the right foods and using the food exchange lists wisely, you will be able to set up a tasty and healthy menu that will provide enough energy throughout the day while burning excess fat off your body. You can also eat free foods, i.e. foods that have less than 20 calories or 5 carbohydrates per serving. However, do not eat these light foods at one go but instead spread it out in smaller servings. You should anyway consult a dietician before you start your 1500 calorie diet due to your diabetic condition. There are also various sample 1500 calorie diets available on the internet, which you can download and try out based on your physical condition. They will anyway provide you with an idea of what your daily diet can consist of.

If you have been gorging on fatty and fried foods throughout your life, then your diabetic condition would force you to change those habits in the interests of better health and insulin management. With a little imagination, you can easily ensure that those 1500 calories get converted into tasty yet oil-free food. You should also stay properly hydrated during your diet. An exercise program will also enable you to burn off those carbohydrates so that they do not simply get converted into sugar. Avoid eating at restaurants and if you do then at least stick to low-calorie grilled or steamed foods instead of fried foods. Remember to stick to your daily target of 1500 calories. You will find the fat, protein and calorie content of each readymade food product on its label while health books will help you to calculate the values of other foods such as fruits and vegetables based on weight or serving sizes.

While this might seem a tedious process, remember that your health should assume prime importance since diabetes can also lead to various unwanted complications if treated casually. Let such 1500 calorie diabetic diets lead you to a path of safe and tasty eating and remember to make these diets an integral part of your daily life.

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