a sample 1600 calorie diabetic diet

For all the types of diabetes whether it is type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes one common treatment is diet. Without diet you can not control diabetes.

Generally doctors suggest 1500-1800 calorie diet for diabetes type 2 patients. The requirement of calories depends on the individual’s age, body weight, activity level and type of diabetes.

1600 calorie diet means eating no more than 1600 calories. 1600 calorie diet is useful for diabetics as well as non diabetic people. A large woman who wants to lose weight or a medium man who does not exercise much can follow a 1600 calorie diet. However, the number of servings needed every day is not same for everyone. If you are planning 1600 calorie diet then choose six servings of starches, two servings of milk or yogurt, three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit, two servings of meat or meat substitutes and three of fats.

Sample meal plan for 1600 calorie diet:

Have a breakfast of 360 calories that is 52.5 grams of carbohydrates. You will get these 360 calories from ½ cup oatmeal, ½ cup skim milk, 1 slice of whole wheat bread (with 1 teaspoon margarine) and ½ banana.

Have a lunch of 535 calories that is 75 grams of carbohydrates. To get this calorie requirement you can include one chicken or turkey sandwich, one cup vegetable soup and one small apple in your lunch. A turkey sandwich can be made by one ounce of turkey, two pieces of wheat bread, one ounce low-fat or no-fat cheese and one teaspoon mayonnaise.

Have a dinner of 635 calories that is 65 grams of carbohydrates. You will get these 635 calories from 2/3 cup cooked brown rice, ½ cup cooked carrots, four ounces of broiled chicken, one whole grain dinner roll with one teaspoon margarine, mixed vegetable salad with low-fat salad dressing and one small piece of food cake. Up to this point you get only 1530 calorie plan. To complete 1600 calorie goal you can take a snack of 60 calories, which is 15 grams of carbohydrates. In your snack include ½ cup chocolate pudding (artificially sweetened), 16 fat-free potato or corn chips, one ounce of string cheese with a piece of fruit and three cups popcorn.

From this sample menu you will get your 1600 calories target. Our body gets calories from three basic food groups: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Hence it is essential to have all three groups in your diet. While planning any calorie diabetic diet it is very important to know which foods contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You should also know the carbohydrate count of each food.

There are some free foods which contains less than 20 calories. You don’t have to count calories of free foods but if your serving contains more than 20 calories (5 grams of carbohydrates), then you should count it in your meal plan. Examples of free foods are: club soda, diet soft drinks, sugar free candy, coffee or tea, sugar free syrup etc.

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