A diabetic diet stabilizes the blood glucose level. Diabetic diet is an accurate plan of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat? Diabetic diet is supportive for diabetes as well as it lowers risk of heart disease, kidney problems and other problems caused by diabetes.

In diabetic diet you have to make food choices based on content of food. The contents of food are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Our body gets calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Among these three, carbohydrate affects the glucose level most.

When you start a specific calorie diabetic diet such as 1000, 1200, 1400 calorie diet, you have to consider amount of carbohydrates in selected food.

To plan 1600 calorie diet remember following facts: Foods such as breads, peanuts, potatoes, grains, hard beans, and fruits are high in carbohydrates. In your diet plan include these foods in very low amounts. Foods with medium or low carbohydrates are the best alternative to these foods.

Foods which contain medium carbohydrates are vegetables, onions, strawberries, squashes, and honeydew melons. These foods provide high amounts of vitamins and keep blood sugar level stable.

Meat is the lowest carbohydrate containing food. Other low carbohydrate foods include tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and all green leafy vegetables.

Considering these facts, in a 1600 calorie diabetic diet include six servings of starches (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc.), three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruits, two servings of milk, two servings of meat and meat substitutes and three of fats. The label on the food packages tells you how much of that food is in one serving. Some examples are; 1 serving of meat, chicken and fish is three ounces of meat, chicken and fish. One cup of milk, salads and cooked vegetables is equal to one serving of the same. ½ cup rice, noodles, cereal, fruits and starchy vegetables (like potatoes or corn) is equal to one serving of the same. One ounce of snack foods and cheese means one serving of the same. One tablespoon of salad dressing, cream cheese and mayonnaise means one serving of the same.

Considering all these facts you can plan 1600 calorie diabetic diet, in which breakfast contains 400 calories. Include two slices of whole wheat toast, one cup skim milk, two teaspoon peanut butter and one small banana in your breakfast.

You can include three snacks, each having 150 calories one in the morning, afternoon and evening. In snacks you can include two rice cakes or 2/3 cup fat-free yogurt. You can have lunch of 350 calories. You can get these calories from three ounces of grilled chicken or two scrambled egg with two slices of whole wheat bread and one cup of fat-free yogurt or milk.

Dinner should be of 400 calories. It should contain 2/3 cup of pasta or rice, three ounces of grilled chicken or fish, garden salad (mixed vegetables salad with low fat dressing) and ½ cup nonfat cottage cheese.

This healthy 1600 calorie diet is effective for weight loss also, as along with low calories it provides sufficient amount of nutrition to your body.

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