a 1500 calorie diet diabetic patients can enjoy

A 1500 calorie diet is one which diabetic patients can enjoy because the diet is not necessarily rigid or strict and in fact, it has all the foods you like and enjoy. It is a myth that diabetic diet simply consists of bland foods. Some special diabetic foods available in the market do not necessarily control diabetes and are usually more costly than regular food. It is in fact a cost effective proposition to use regular foods to control diabetes as it also permits sharing the same meal with people who do not have diabetes. By gathering information on nutrition you will be able to adjust your diet to suit your particular condition.

The main aim of diabetic diet is to improve your health by controlling blood glucose, blood pressure and fat. Diabetes patients are helped by well-designed diets to delay, prevent or treat diabetes related complications. It is therefore very essential for diabetics to learn some nutritional facts.

There are three basic diet principles to guide you through in your quest for a healthy lifestyle. Individualized diabetic diet plan is the first principle of diabetic diet. A physician after making a diagnosis of diabetes prepares a diet plan specifically designed for the individual and thereafter periodically changes it to suit the calorie requirement of the individual. Young diabetics who are in the growing stage usually need more calories and so do people with diabetes that are physically very active. Diabetics who are leading a sedentary life style and are overweight certainly require fewer calories. Thus, by judging your requirements your physician can help you to customize your diabetic diet. The second principle of diabetic diet, especially for those on insulin therapy is to eat regular meals with fairly similar caloric content. There is one thing that diabetics should always remember is that your system gets knocked out of order in the event of you binging or eating large meals. The third diet principle is to have a balanced diet consisting of all major groups of food in the food pyramid.

For diabetics it is essential to keep the blood sugar levels within limits, for this to happen diabetics have to eat right food in the right quantity every day. This can be achieved by making sure you eat a wide variety of foods. The best way is having a colorful plate full of vegetables, meats, fruits and other forms of proteins such as dairy products, nuts, and cereals/grains. Choose foods high in fiber such as fruits, cereals and whole grain breads they also contain important vitamins and minerals. Studies conducted worldwide suggest that people with type 2 diabetes can improve their blood sugar and cholesterol levels if they eat a high fiber diet.

You should take care to eat only the amount of food which is prescribed in your diabetes meal plan. Weight gain and fat can result in case of consuming excess calories. Risk factors which lead to heart disease are reduced with the improvement in blood sugar level and weight loss in overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes. Your dietician can help you in determining the appropriate serving sizes you need.

People wrongly believe in the myth that having diabetes means you have to avoid sugar, carbohydrates and load up on proteins. Another myth that does the rounds is that diabetic meals are different from the family’s normal meals. These are two myths that have been busted and people with diabetes can enjoy their favorite foods, even desserts, so long as they monitor the calories, carbs, and other key dietary components.

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