tasty treats for dogs for diabetics

Diabetic dogs will require a diet that could be quite different from what they could be used to eating before they were diagnosed with the disease. This diet could prove to be tricky since you would need to determine the exact amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein and sugar levels of each dish before you feed it to your dog. The dish itself could turn out bland and tasteless and the dog might not even want to eat it. This could lead to times when you wish that you had tasty treats for dogs for diabetics.

Since your dog can no longer have dishes that have high carbohydrate, fat or sugar levels, you could find yourself restricted to very few items such as chicken, peas, broccoli or certain other vegetables that are low in carbohydrates. Most commercial readymade food for normal dogs would also not be suitable for your dog since it contains high levels of carbohydrates and sodium. But with a growing number of dogs getting type II diabetes, some reputed dog food companies have conducted a thorough research into food products that could keep the dog healthy and at the same time ensure that the blood sugar levels of the dog do not spike out of control after every meal.

These food products are available at a reasonable cost and would also enable you to save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in making your own dishes and then cajoling your dog to eat them. Dogs that are diabetics will also love the taste of such foods. These foods are available in moist and dry form and along with a low level of carbohydrates, fats and sodium, also contain the right amount of protein and fiber required for easy digestion. This will enable the dog’s liver and pancreas to do their respective jobs efficiently and enable the body to fight diabetes naturally to a certain extent. On the other hand, a continuous program of insulin shots and regular monitoring of glucose levels will be needed to be done on a priority basis.

These foods are also loaded with additional vitamins that can keep the dog’s teeth, bones and even its coat healthy. Companies such as Royal Canin have a wide range of dog food products especially created according to the dog’s age and breed. They also have a special range of dog food products for diabetic dogs that not only present a royal treat but also ensure that the dog’s health improves over time. Along with the right diet and regular insulin shots, your diabetic dog will also need adequate exercises to maintain a fat-burning and muscle-building metabolism. This will provide an additional layer of security to the dog’s system and increase its diabetes fighting abilities.

With select reputed companies using science to come up with tasty yet nutritious treats for dogs in a cost effective manner, you need not worry about providing the right nutrition for your dog. These dog foods offer excellent food for dogs for diabetics and you can certainly expect a woof of approval from your dog once you feed it any of these tasty food products.

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