symptoms of cat diabetes

Diabetes is not just restricted to human beings but to felines as well. Personally, I do not like cats very much but there are scores of folks who simply love cats. Little children as well as adults don’t mind having a pet cat at home; they cuddle and fuss the daylights out of these cats. There is a bond that is formed between the cat and the members of the family, closeness, an affection and attachment like that of any other family member. Sadly, though the cat is not able to complain of illness, but the symptoms don’t fail to make their presence felt. Cats suffer from cat diabetes as well. Sign of the disease may build up over a period of months to years.

Cats that are overweight are at high risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes is more common in male cats. It is more prominent in cats that are above six years of age. Cats tend to urinate more frequently; due to this the cat loses glucose and tends to drink a lot more. The cat will display a loss of appetite and show no interest in eating. There is a subsequent weight loss; there are other ways that indicate the presence of the disease, the cat will appear to be depressed, the condition of the cat’s coat will be poor and it will come across as lethargic. There is a possibility that the symptoms are common to other feline sicknesses as well. Only the Vet will be able to rightly diagnose the ailment by running a few tests.

Felines generally develop muscle weakness because of nerve damage. They find it difficult to climb up the stairs, jump in and out of the litter box (something they are famous for doing) and the cat will walk on the entire length of its hind legs instead of just its toes (this is because of nerve damage). So you have a very grumpy, sick cat. The cat will not even groom itself. Telltale signs or symptoms of a possibility of diabetes in a cat are as follows; difficulty in climbing and jumping, an enormous appetite, extreme thirst, weakness, frequent urination, weight loss, lack of personal grooming (another thing cats are known for doing), visible lethargy and unusual way of walking.

The hormone, insulin is essential for the conversion of glucose into energy. Little or no insulin supply fails to get the job done causing a life threatening crisis to arise in the body. The glucose gets collected in the bloodstream and rises to a crazy high. While the glucose is struggling to get into the body cells, the body cells on the other hand are under the notion that they are being starved. The glucose that is stored in the fat and muscles is extracted in order to feed the cells. But what happens instead is that the glucose floods the bloodstream causing the levels to rise to a dangerous high. The affects are the same and the cats to suffer the consequence.

Timely detection and treatment cause the progress of the disease to either be prevented or brought under control. It is only natural to feel disheartened when the truth of the matter is known but then the owners as well as the cat should be disciplined and follow and maintain the doctor’s orders. So much for healthy cat and a happy you!!

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