Some raw food recipes for diabetic dogs

although dogs by nature are hunters, domestic dogs are used to eating their meals in bowls. A natural diet is best for all dogs, especially those who suffer from diabetes. Unfortunately many owners do not feel the need to serve raw food to their pets. According to experts food served in cans or labeled diabetic food for dogs may not always keep it in good health. As per experts dry food is just like junk food to our pets and thus one needs to avoid it or use less of it. Raw and natural food is recommended and can guarantee a healthy life for your dog. You can look out for some raw food recipes for diabetic dogs to help it indulge in and enjoy.

The dogs that live in the wild eat meat of other animals and thus survive for years that too in a good health. We as owners unknowingly tend to believe manufacturers and provide our dogs with food that can cause diabetes or other chronic diseases. Commercial food is best avoided or used in small quantity. Raw food has all the nutrients and thus your dog is saved from harmful chemicals used in packaged foods. Having a good knowledge of various food groups comes in handy, as you can use various food items in right proportions and serve your diabetic dog a healthy diet.

With the help of your vet, do plan out a diet for your dog and follow it religiously. Make sure you avoid fatty food stuff and use food items that are low on sodium and carbohydrates. As it is the main source of glucose. When serving chicken or turkey remember to remove the fats. Using food products that has all the nutrients in balanced form can help your dog lead a healthy life. Mixture of meat along with finely chopped vegetables like peas, carrots and broccoli is the right food for diabetic dogs.

You can also boil eggs and serve it with grounded beef liver baked in flour for 15 to 20 minutes. Raw food has more energy and helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in your dog. Raw food will not only help your dog fight diabetes but will maintain his over all health and leave its coat shining which is a sign of a healthy dog. You can ask your vet to provide you with some raw food recipes that will suit your dog and follow them. You can also browse the internet and download a list of raw food recipes for diabetic dogs.

Diabetes is like an epidemic preying on both animals and humans. The only way to control and fight diabetes is by following a well balanced diet. Include raw food as far as possible to help your dog lead a healthy and active life. Though diabetes is incurable, your dog can always be in good health if you choose to serve him the right food. Raw food recipes for diabetic dogs must be a part of your dog’s diet as it has the power to control the dreadful disease.

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