some homemade recipes for diabetic dogs

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and they indeed prove to be one. When a dog is diagnosed with diabetes it is the duty of owner to take special care of its health. A dog will never understand what food is good for its health, but we can always help it stay fit and healthy despite being diabetic by offering a balanced diet. Unknowingly the symptoms of diabetes in dogs are often neglected. Just like humans, a diabetic dog is suppose to have control over its diet and needs to avoid certain food items. Your vet will be able to best tell you the food items that should be included in the diet of your diabetic dog.

A dog with diabetes should not be served food that is high on sugar. Carbohydrates should be offered in lesser amount as it is the main source of glucose. Offering the right food can be quite a challenge. A diabetic dog should be served with home made foods than commercial food items. Trusting big brands blindly does not always help. Simply because the label calls it as best diabetic food for dogs, does not mean you buy that. Understanding the need of your dog’s body will help you prepare some healthy and tasty food at home. Having knowledge about the various food groups will help you include each food item in the right proportion in your dog’s diet.

Raw meat is what dogs love to binge on. Beware about the quantity to be served and remember to remove fats from chicken, turkey and beef. Using liver of grounded beef is perfect for diabetic dogs. Avoid too much of fats as the pancreas of a diabetic dog cannot handle the pressure and will not digest it. Also choose food items that contain less sodium and sugar. For a diabetic dog artificial food items are best avoided. Dry dog foods are said to cause diabetes and thus it is best to keep your dog away from this junk food. If you buy a food item, make sure to read and understand its ingredients.

You must be sure about the number of meals to be served and follow the same pattern throughout. Normally a diabetic dog will feel hungry very often. However, to maintain sugar level, you need to maintain a schedule for its meals. Eggs, bread and vitamin supplements along with fruit essence should be a part of your diabetic dog recipe. Hard boiled eggs with pieces of grounded beef liver along with 2 bread slices is a good combination of food for diabetic dogs.
Planning out a diet for your dog with the help of your vet will help you in maintaining a good healthy dog.

You have to be cautious and make sure that your dog gets all the required nutrients. By choosing the right food group you can ensure that your pet stays active and does not have fluctuating blood sugar levels. Choosing the right diabetic diet and homemade recipes for your diabetic dog will help it lead a healthy and active life for a longtime.

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