how to take care of your diabetic dog

If your dog is perpetually thirsty and hungry and urinates frequently, along with vomiting and losing weight or has suddenly developed a cataract, then it could be suffering from diabetes. Just as in humans, dogs too can develop diabetes due to heredity or due to faulty insulin producing cells. Again, similarly to humans, dogs need the combination of an altered diet, exercise and continuous monitoring and insulin doses to maintain blood sugar levels within tolerable limits to ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. Here are some tips on how to take care of your diabetic dog.

If the above symptoms have been noticed by you, then you should take your dog to your vet and get the dog’s glucose levels checked. The vet will check your dog’s blood and urine for glucose. If diabetes is confirmed, then your vet will chart out further treatment. Dogs are usually afflicted by Type II Diabetes Mellitus and the treatment too is similar to humans that contract Type II diabetes. You will be taught by your vet on the correct procedure for administering insulin injections as well as the right diet that minimizes carbohydrate consumption along with the right amount of fiber, protein and fat that can be given to your dog.

Your dog can be fed chicken with any vegetables that are low in carbohydrate content but rich in fiber. This will aid their digestion process and increase the absorption of insulin in their body. You can also buy moist or dry foods from reliable manufacturers. Many dog food companies now make special foods for canins that provide a royal treat in terms of taste along with minimum carbohydrates, sodium and fat. Companies like Royal Canin have a wide range of food products including some for diabetic dogs. Your dog can be fed dry or moist food products and even cookies provided you read the labels and the ingredients and confirm that the carbohydrate, sodium and sugar levels are kept at minimum levels.

Along with a strict but healthy control over your dog’s diet, you should also make sure that the dog gets adequate exercise since this will speed up its metabolism, improve digestion, lower the stress on its liver and improve the absorption of insulin into its system. The resultant combination of a healthy diet of select home made foods and ready-made moist and dry foods with adequate exercise will enable to naturally fight diabetes to some extent. Of course, you will need to monitor your dog’s glucose levels continuously and also adjust the insulin doses based on those reports. It is not very difficult to take care of a diabetic dog but a food/exercise/medication routine will need to be established and maintained on a long term basis.

If your dog does become diabetic, there is no need to panic or get dejected. The right types of foods and medications are now available to take care of it and your dog can easily live a long and happy life with a little bit of love and care. The above tips should help you to take care of your diabetic dog and maintain its health and sugar levels within acceptable limits.

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