choose the right dog food for a diabetic dog

Dogs, like humans can get afflicted with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and the treatment too is quite similar. While the dog will need insulin shots based on the sugar levels in its blood, it will also need a diet that does not aggravate its condition but instead helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. For the owner it is very important to choose the right dog food for a diabetic dog.

While humans can easily communicate while eating and easily alter the taste of any dish by squeezing a lemon or simply adding salt or pepper, dogs unfortunately cannot do the same. If the owner has adhered to the vet’s instructions and prepared a dish that is low on carbohydrates, sugar and fat and high in fiber with adequate levels of protein, the end result might be a dish that looks good and has the ideal nutritional levels but tastes bland or just plain horrible. The dog might start detesting its meal times and consequently eat less than its recommended intake. This could prove dangerous in the long run and the dog might start feeling lethargic and depressed.

A healthy and cost effective alternative is now available through many dog stores and also through the internet. Select reputed manufacturers have conducted a lot of research on the likes and dislikes of diabetic dogs along with their dietary requirements and have come up with moist and dry foods that offer a royal treat to the dog. These foods also provide the ideal balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sugars that can enable the diabetic dog to remain healthy and maintain its blood sugar levels within the prescribed range. These food products are also fortified with additional vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for the dog’s well being. The dog will remain energetic and alert, and will enjoy the tasty food products that will make it feel like a royal canin. The right food will also ensure that the dog’s coat turns out into a lustrous silky smooth coat.

Once the dog is satisfied with its food, it will also need to be exercised regularly. An obese dog will have a hard time regulating the insulin in its body and this could have a bad effect in the long run. The dog will need to exercise to increase its metabolism which in turn will help it to burn fat and tone muscles. The right dog food will provide the energy for the dog to exercise without feeling lethargic. All this will also have to be accompanied by continuous insulin shots and glucose monitoring. All family members can participate in this exercise and a written insulin administering report can be stuck on the refrigerator door so that family members do not end up giving extra insulin shots to the dog at the same time.

While dog owners can control the amount of exercise needed for the dog and the insulin shots too, they might not find it convenient to calculate the nutritional content of each food product that they make and will certainly not be able to force their dog to eat a particular dish. In such cases, scientifically prepared food that is tasty and also containing the right amount of fats, proteins, sugars and carbohydrates can prove to be a healthy relief for dogs and their owners. These selected companies offer such foods at a reasonable price and can therefore help the dog owner choose the right dog food for a diabetic dog.

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