diabetic dog food recipes for a healthy dog

It is quite shocking to learn that the dog that guards you would ever need medication and proper diet to guard him against something as common as diabetes. With the increase in the number of dogs affected with diabetes, people have become more conscious and are taking the efforts to control this life threatening disease. Just as in humans, diabetes in dogs cannot be cured and needs to be controlled. This disease can be controlled with the help of medications and health diets that manage the sugar levels in him/her. Along with a balanced diabetic diet, you need to also make sure your dog gets sufficient exercise.

There are several diabetic dog food recipes available in the market. Never choose a food by believing what is printed on the label. It is always advisable to consult your vet and buy the correct food to ensure good health for your dog. Mostly dogs should be fed with natural and raw food as they get lots of energy from it. As in humans, care must be taken to see that diabetic dog food recipe is low in sodium and carbohydrates. A natural diet consisting of raw meat and some vegetables works well for dogs. It is healthy and also helps in controlling diabetes.

All dry branded food is not always good for the health of a diabetic dog. Dry food should never be the only and sole food for your dogs; however, you can make it a small part of your diabetic dog food recipe. Also, canned or any other food that you choose should be organic and free of toxins. You will have to completely avoid food that has high sugar content. Remember too much sugar can cause fluctuation in your dog’s blood sugar levels and thus one must avoid it. When choosing a diabetic dog food, always read the ingredients list. If the food product consist more of artificial items, it is best to not consider it. These artificial food products can act like junk food for your pet, causing him/her discomfort in kidney, liver and stomach.

Home made food works best for diabetics. Homemade food allows you to keep a balance. You know how much percent of proteins, fats and other nutrients should be given to your dog in order to maintain his/her blood sugar levels. While serving your dog with chicken or turkey makes sure you remove the excess fat in it. As we can not pressurize the pancreas of a diabetic dog, we must avoid fatty foods in their diet. Animals find it hard to digest grains, and thus you must not over feed them with it. Also, for a diabetic dog you must be aware about the amount of carbohydrates taken in by him/her. Limited amount of grains is required as it can directly break down into carbohydrates.

Here is a small and simple diabetic dog recipe that you can try out; however it is best to consult your doctor before trying out any new kind of food.

1/4th large bowl of grounded beef along with one hard boiled egg is healthy for your diabetic dog. You can also try 2 cups of boiled rice without any salt and 3 slices of white bread broken into small pieces.

Make it a habit to oversee that your dog has the appropriate diet and gift him/her a healthy and long life.

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