Cure for juvenile diabetes is not currently available.

Cure for juvenile diabetes is not currently available. Juvenile diabetes is also known as Type-1 diabetes and is caused by the destruction of islet cells in the pancreas which secretes insulin. Those with juvenile diabetes need to be on insulin treatment currently for the rest of their lives to control their disease. The overall objectives of treatment are to prolong life and improve the quality of life as much as possible. Treatment is directed towards relieving symptoms, improving the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, preventing or correcting complications, and assuring proper nutrition.

Because of the ever increasing cost of managing this chronic disease, many drug companies are investing billions into finding a cure for this disease.

There is currently research going on using controversial embryonic stem cells as well as stem cells taken from adults. But because of the ethical and political debate concerning embryonic stem cells this pathway to a cure is moving slowly. People who believe that life starts at conception strongly oppose embryonic stem cell research because the cells come from human embryos which are destroyed in the process. Embryonic stem cells have not matured into human cells and have the greatest potential to become any type of cells in the human body, including hair, skin, blood, toenails as well as Beta islet cells.

The University of Pennsylvania is currently conducting clinical trials for a new surgery called Islet Cell Transplantation. With this new procedure, doctors are transplanting islet cells from a matching donor. Beta islet cells are the cells from the pancreas that secrete insulin. With the Islet Cell Transplantation, once the stem cells are transplanted into the liver, many patients report that the body starts giving warning signs when the blood sugar is too low. Many Type-1 or juvenile diabetics have previously had no warning and often just black out which can be dangerous when driving or performing other critical tasks. Most patients currently need two transplantations to get totally off insulin therapy.

Research is also being conducted on different herbal remedies that have been used for years by primitive people living in remote areas of the world. For example there are several Amazon herbal roots that have been used for generations to help with the symptoms of diabetes, especially being helpful in keeping blood glucose at normal levels. In order to provide new medications in the treatment of diabetes, researchers must find what substances are in these herbs and in the lab perhaps be able to reconstitute these ingredients. Some of these new medications may be able to help people with few symptoms of diabetes, control their disease.

Cure for juvenile diabetes is not currently available. Juvenile diabetes is also known as Type-1 diabetes. But because of the cost of treating this lifetime chronic disease, there is much research being done on what may someday be a possible cure.

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