Canada cure for diabetes?

Canada cure for diabetes? Could be as some interesting research is being done in Toronto at the Sick Children’s Hospital there.

Doctors are currently researching the chemical that makes chili peppers so hot with mice that have Type-1 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of Beta islet cells in the pancreas which secretes insulin. It is unsure why these cells have trouble working. People with Type-1 diabetes need to be on insulin at all times. Type-2 diabetes is cause by the destruction of insulin receptors on cell surfaces which causes the cells to be resistant to insulin. Type-2 diabetes can be managed with medication and/or lifestyle changes.

In Canada researchers are theorizing that the islet cells in the pancreas in diabetics are surrounded by pain nerves that signal to the brain that the pancreas tissue is damaged when in fact the tissue may not be damaged. They believe that there is simply miscommunication between the pain nerves and the brain. These doctors use injections of capsaicin to destroy the pain nerves surrounding the islet cells in the pancreas in mice with Type-1 diabetes. These mice completely recover from their diabetes. The islet cells begin producing insulin almost immediately with some mice doing well with one injection for over four months. These researchers are also finding similar results in mice with Type-2 diabetes.

The information was reported recently in the journal “Cell”. Type-1 diabetes is often diagnosed in childhood and there are currently millions of children with this type of diabetes. It was also reported that human trials with this chemical will begin soon.

But these could mean years before a cure using this research is brought to the marketplace – so what to do in the meantime? Changes in living conditions or lifestyle changes can significantly reduce symptoms and keep blood sugar at a healthy level and this can be accomplished by managing a few important factors. These factors are diet, weight control, controlling stress and stopping smoking.

The current epidemic of obesity is directly connected to the rise in Type 2 diabetes and the rise in diabetes in children. Many researchers believe that this epidemic is caused by our cultures sedentary lifestyle of TV, video games, computers and no exercise.

Canada cure for diabetes? Perhaps but only further research and time will tell. In the meantime, lose weight, watch your diet and get off the couch and start exercising.

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