Diabetes standard of care includes screening, diagnoses and drug therapy.

Diabetes standard of care includes screening, diagnoses and drug therapy.

Diabetes which is a chronic health problem requires lifetime medical care and self management from the diabetic to severe complications and to also reduce risk of long-term problems. Self-management education is an important part of the standard of care.

The screening process includes fasting plasma glucose test which is the preferred test for non-pregnant adults and children. There are two classifications of diabetes, Type 1 which involves complete dependence on insulin therapy and Type 2, which can be treated in a number of ways depending on the progression of the disease. In many cases, Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise. There is also gestational diabetes which is diagnosed during pregnancy.

After a diagnosis is made, complete care of diabetes, a management plan is completes which includes patient education as a great deal of the management of this disease much be done by the diabetic themselves. This includes education on diet, exercise, glucose monitoring as well as foot care, eye care and dental care. The patient much have a good understanding of this disease and the importance of self care in order to avoid complications or any life threatening conditions to occur. The management team consists of a primary care physician, diabetic nursing staff, as well as other specialists including dentist, eye doctor and others.

To access if the team management is working, testing or monitoring the glucose levels is essential. This involves regular fasting plasma glucose tests at the doctor’s office as well as daily glucose self monitoring by the patient themselves. This self monitoring should also be followed up with A1C test by the physician at least twice a year in patients who have symptoms under control and quarterly in patients who are having problems with control of symptoms.

Drug therapy for Type 1 diabetes includes intensive insulin therapy either with insulin shots as needed or continuous medication with an insulin pump the goal being to maintain glucose levels between not too much and not enough. Drug therapy for Type 2 diabetes is with medication together with lifestyle changes which keep glucose levels as close to non-diabetic levels as possible. Lifestyle changes include dietary modifications as well as a regular exercise program to manage weight loss or control. Other lifestyle changes include smoking cessation.

Diabetes standard of care includes screening, diagnostic and drug therapy. This are just the basics of diabetes standard of care as there are other standards for self management that must be included.

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