Diabetes care and education are synonymous with the city of Louisville Kentucky

Diabetes care and education are synonymous with the city of Louisville Kentucky. Great improvements are being made in this area of the United States because of innovative new ways to bring together all participants in a diabetic patient’s continued health care.

Louisville, Kentucky is the original home of a new market called the Bridges to Excellence which is cooperation between participating medical practices, health plans and the Greater Louisville Medical Society to provide significant improvements in care for chronic diseases such as diabetes. This has also involved the coordination of activities with other community based diabetic programs.

One of these programs is the Diabetes Care Link or DCL program. This program is intended to improve the care quality for diabetic patients. Physicians by demonstrating that they are top performers in the care of diabetes can earn up to two hundred dollars for each diabetic patient who is covered by a participating health plan or employer. These incentives are funded from the savings resulting from the providing of higher quality diabetes care.

In order to receive the rewards thru this reward program, physicians and eligible practices submit data from diabetic’s medical records to show that they have provided high levels of diabetic care. There are two separate paths available for DEL recognition – one is the Diabetes Provider Recognition Program and the other is the Performance Assessment Organization. But the whole point of this program is to see that diabetics in this area of Kentucky receive the best medical care available.

This attempt to provide improved care impacts not only the employees of participating employers but all patients who visit the recognized physicians and practices and some of the best improvements in diabetic care have come from the Louisville area. And it also is the incentive for physicians to find new and improved ways to help diabetic patients with their education, monitoring and control of their chronic disease.

Another example is between the quality improvement organization, the Greater Louisville Medical Society, together with grants to the Medical Society from Novo Nordisk. All three work closely together on process improvements in meeting the requirements and achieve BTE certification, and have increased the number of recognized diabetic care physicians from 4 to 40. This is an example of how these organizations working together can make improved care at the community level.

Louisville has carried all these ideas and programs into other areas of medicine that deal with patients who have other chronic health problems. By using health care programs, and constant monitoring, together with education on their disease, patients with chronic disease in this part of the United States are getting some of the best health care available.

Diabetes care and education are making great innovated improvements within the city of Louisville Kentucky because of innovations in cooperation between insurance companies, physicians and other medical groups.

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