Diabetes and nursing care go hand in hand as the members of the…

Diabetes and nursing care go hand in hand as the members of the nursing profession are the chief educators to a new diabetic patient.

When a person is first diagnosed with diabetes, there is much that they need to be educated on from diet, to monitoring glucose levels, to how to take care of their feet. It is usually their physician’s nursing staff who work with these new patients. There is even now an emerging specialty in nursing for those who work with diabetic patients and diabetic education.

Diabetes is a disease that when properly managed, can be lived with and there are currently millions of diabetics who are living happy, active lives with this chronic disease. But they had to be educated in several areas in order to make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep their disease under control. Most of that education is done by nurses or nurse practitioners.

My son was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes which is controllable with medication and diet. His primary care physician set him up with a glucose meter and the nurse in the office educated my son on proper use, how to test, how often to test and what his normal level should be.

My son was then set up to attend a class on overall education about diabetes and what causes it and what can be done to control it, the role stress and weight plays in the overall disease. He was taught proper foot care and why it is so important as well as the importance of regular eye care and regular dental appointments. This class was taught by a nurse practitioner.

Next, my son attended a class about diet and weight management and the important part that nutrition plays in the control of diabetes. This interesting class was so good that my son not only lost 180 pounds but I also lost about 40 pounds. It takes a good educator to impress and motivate a chronically overweight person to completely change their lifestyle – and this class was also taught by a nurse practitioner.

All in all, with this important education and medication, my son now has his diabetes under control but he knows that he had to make permanant changes and continue to monitor his condition in order to keep his condition under control. And all of this important education was taught to him by nurses and members of the nursing profession.

Diabetes and nursing care go hand and hand in giving people with diabetes the knowledge, skills and tools they need to successfully manage their diabetes and avoid many of the complications associated with the disease.

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