sample 1200 calorie diabetic diets

The basic aim of a 1200 calorie diabetic diet is to help you gain only 1200 calories a day. These diets are best suited to people who suffer from both diabetes and obesity. There are several sample 1200 calorie diabetic diets to choose from. With the help of a dietitian or doctor, you can plan an individualized menu that will help you tackle both diabetes and obesity. A 1200 calorie diet is at times also planned for women who do not exercise at all and need to reduce the excessive fat.

There is no specific diabetes diet except that one has to eat in right proportion and stay away from food that is high on calories and fats. You can choose any plan from various sample 1200 calorie diabetic diets that contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the right amount. Carbohydrates being the main source of sugar one should not exceed its amount in the diet. A clear understanding of food items will help you take proper servings of each item throughout the day. You can choose any diet plan from different sample 1200 calories diabetic diets that are well balanced and offer your body the much needed nutrition.

A sample 1200 calorie diabetic diet introduces diabetics to various food items and servings that can help them attain 1200 calories daily. These sample 1200 calories diabetic diets are divided among four meals for the day. It is best for a diabetic to eat in small intervals. All the four meals should be well planned and help you consume not more than 1200 calories in a single day. With the help of certain devices you can track the daily calorie intake and alter your diabetic diet accordingly. When you include any food item in your diet, you should be aware of its carbohydrates, fats and protein content. This will help you plan your servings accordingly.

Here is one of sample 1200 calorie diabetic diet.


Kick start your day with a healthy breakfast. Cereals with artificial sweeteners, 1/2 skimmed milk, slice of bread with an ounce of jam, and one or half banana.


One slice of bread or an apple is good for 1200 calories diabetic diets.

A cup of vegetable soup, small portion of lean meat, 1 1/2th watermelon, baked small potato and small amount of dessert with artificial sweeteners.

Evening snack

A small apple or a banana is good for the evening snack.


Dinner can be yummy and healthy. A portion of tuna, or chicken breast with a vegetable salad made out of small slices of cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

After every meal in the day, track your blood sugar levels, and alter your next meal accordingly to bring your blood sugar within normal range. At times if your sugar level has risen, you would need to cut down on servings in the next meal or eat those food items that have no or less carbohydrates. By trying various sample 1200 calories diabetic diets, you will get introduced to various food types which will make it easier to choose the one that goes best with your body.

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