1200 calorie diabetic exchange diet

1200 calorie diabetic exchange diets allow you more flexibility in your food habits. Diabetic meals are not at all boring and one can enjoy range of good and delicious food. With the help of a dietitian or an expert, you can draft a meal plan and list of food items that you can eat. If you are well aware about the number of calories you need to take, you can exchange food items daily and still consume only 1200 calories. A 1200 calorie diabetic diet gives you the freedom to eat all items in a limited amount mentioned in the diet list.

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled with the help of better food habits and an exercise regimen. Bringing the excessive weight to normal is also of prime concern for people suffering from diabetes. An individualized plan will help you meet your goal of 1200 calories daily yet enjoy variety of food in prescribed amounts. The 1200 calories diabetic exchange diet lists offers great food groups for people opting for either vegetable or non vegetarian lifestyle. There are ample substitutes for foods that are high on fats and calories.

A 1200 calorie diabetic exchange diet helps you maintain the balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins required throughout the day. Once you are sure about your daily dietary requirements, you can set up a diabetic exchange diet program and follow it to taste a variety of your favorite foods. An exchange diet list should be set up depending upon the amount of calories you need to take in daily. Exchange diets allow you to have variety of meals every day and thus satisfy your taste buds in a healthy manner.

Depending upon your blood sugar levels, your dietitian will allow you only a certain number of exchange choices everyday. The substitute foods should be used only from within the prescribed list. The food items mentioned in the exchange list should be taken as per the required serving size only. As dairy products are essential for the functioning of our body, one must be sure about its exact amount to be included in the meals. For 1200 calorie diabetic exchange diet you would require to use very low fat and skimmed milk. There are substitutes for milk products and one must consult a dietitian before trying them out.

The excessive calories stored in the body turn in to fat later and thus one must stay away from high calorie products. Fatty acids, saturated or unsaturated fats are all considered bad for a person on a 1200 calorie diabetic exchange diet. One must also avoid food that is high on sodium as it increases blood pressure. Fresh vegetables should be included in any diet. Meat being high on fats one must use lean meat in small portions.

A well balanced and planned 1200 calorie diabetic exchange diet does not make you sacrifice on your favorite food, but only makes you aware about the amount of servings to be taken per meal.

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